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She would like to leave her abusive husband but is worried that she will not be able to support herself.She has such severe pain in her leg, lower abdomen and back that she has to take pain killers daily; she also has vaginal bleeding and hypertension.

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Okiya Omtatah, an activist, has asked the Supreme Court to nullify the election, arguing it was voided by Odinga’s withdrawal.While the full extent of the violence is still unclear, credible sources indicate the casualties appear to be in the dozens.A Kenyan human rights body announced on Wednesday that police killed 13 people before, during, and after the October 26 vote.On August 14, days after Kenyatta was initially declared the winner of the now-annulled August 8 presidential election, the board announced it had cancelled the registration of the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) – one of the oldest human rights groups in Kenya – citing alleged tax evasion and other issues.A day later, the board wrote to the director of criminal investigations with a request to shut down the offices of the Africa Centre for Open Governance (Afri COG) and arrest its directors.And on November 6, the board banned the operations of, “Kura Yangu, Sauti Yangu” (“My Vote, My Voice”), an election campaign initiative by a coalition of civil society groups, and, “We the People,” a citizen’s alliance that focuses on good governance, for allegedly operating illegal bank accounts and funding political operations in Kenya.

These organizations say they were targeted because of their work.

Wairimu V., 65, was raped by a group of men at an IDP camp.

Her husband blames her for the rape, and beats and verbally abuses her including in the presence of their children.

Fred Matiang’i, put on hold the deregistration of the two groups, pending further investigations.

Then on October 5, the board also threatened to suspend the activities of the International Development Law Organisation (IDLO), an organization engaged in funding the judiciary including programs concerning the handling of election disputes.

On October 26, Kenya held its second presidential election two months after the Supreme Court nullified the results of the August 8 polls after a successful legal challenge by the main opposition candidate, Raila Odinga.