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Dating club jewish single

Although L' Chaim welcomes new members, few continue to participate.Gloria Joseph, one of the few original members, thinks it is hard for new people to integrate themselves because the group has been together for so long.

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); but some do report marriages among their ranks, including Emeryville's Joyce and Norman Garrick and Millbrae's Florence and Ike Parecki.Fourteen years ago, Jack Ploscowe was single and searching for other singles who might be stumbling, as he was, around the community.Without any outreach from temples and other Jewish organizations, Ploscowe started Mid-Peninsula Jewish Singles 35 .No marriages have spun from East Bay Singles 50 yet, but some bonds have formed.Makower, who has been in a relationship with another group member for two years, considers herself fortunate.As Ploscowe aged, so did the group, although today both are holding firm at 49.

Now called Mid-Peninsula Jewish Singles 49 , the organization mails its monthly newsletter to 200, boasts 27 intragroup marriages to date and offers a variety of activities in the San Mateo area.

There also are discussion groups that focus on developing a new life as a single person.

Most of the group's events take place on Sundays.

Then there's SASS, the Society for Almost-Senior Singles, a new group in San Francisco.

Its 66-year-old founder, Rhoda Shore, says she is looking for singles at least 59-1/2-years-old who have a positive attitude and "something to celebrate." Widowed two years ago, Shore has the voice of a 40-year-old and the spirit to match.

Most people join the Mid-Peninsula group to meet others in circumstances similar to their own.