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Dating codes gillette razors

The butterfly models are preferable because while the screw-on types of razors can deliver a nice shave, the ease of access to the blade area in butterflies is excellent for rinsing out detritus during and after shaving as well as for changing out blades.

You can get them on ebay, through internet shaving forums, and at antique shops.If you do go to an antique store, go armed with information about models, years, and styles of razors. Often you can find them for much less, sitting on the shelf of an antique store, covered in soap scum but otherwise fully functional.Back then, they were designed to be used for a lifetime at least, not thrown out when the next model became available. The "right" blade brand seems to vary for different people, so give them a variety and they can find out what they like.Shaving brushes and bowls are awesome, but not necessary.If you want to get a brush, don't buy a vintage brush — often these are worn out and the glues are deteriorating.It is up to the private citizen to protect himself and his family, and this is not only acceptable, but mandatory." Col. Interesting how this whole family of razors has been so overlooked ... DD"The police cannot protect the citizen at this stage of our development, and they cannot even protect themselves in many cases.

I visited the ASR site and they did have much of anything in terms of historic razor info.

They're simple to clean; just scrub the bejesus out of them with a toothbrush and dish soap. Remove from bath and wipe off the oil with a cloth and ta-da! I have also tried his razors on my legs and they're so-so for me.

They get a little razor burn-y, but then, I like to shave quickly, so I'm not as patient as I probably should be. Anyone regularly use a vintage safety razor on your legs? Basically, I play with insects for hours and I luuurrrve it!

Instead, Crabtree and Evelyn offers a "Best Badger" brush which is a great compromise between quality and cost, if you really want to get one.

Don't be afraid to buy a really scummy old razor! Certainly people used these kinds of razors back in the day for shaving body hair, but are they preferable to modern models? I have a BEAUTIFUL early 1900s razor that practically eats my legs. I have used my guy's mini vintage razor on my armpits, and I like it.

Using a modern shaving cream can work, but the convenience of an already formed foam can lead to rushing the job and the result in razor burn.