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Dating cousin through marriage

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He even sent me a video of him 'buying my promise ring' but he wasn't going to give it to me until he met my mother in person and asked her permission for my hand. He deleted and blocked me on Skout, Facebook, Snapchat, Kik, and apparently blocked my phone number.

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He never answered any of my messages, until I found out from a mutual friend that instead of going to play pool with me, he moved TO FLORIDA.We dated for almost a year and then he 'had' to transfer schools.He proposed to me before he left the state, and I happily said yes.I still have no idea what happened or what went on."–Submitted by malloreykristinev "I was casually dating this guy for a few weeks, and we normally played pool together on Monday nights.The day before we were going to meet, I texted him to make sure that we were still on, and he said yes. I texted him to make sure he knew I was late, and he never answered. I waited for an hour, calling him every fifteen minutes, worried that he got into a car accident.Later, I found his brand new profile page on Facebook.

When I tried to send him a message, he immediately blocked me.

One Saturday he decided to go visit with a couple of friends for a few hours. During the drive we discussed going swimming later that day. Meanwhile, I moved to Florida from Pennsylvania to start over and honestly, my life is better than ever!

After dropping him off, I went shopping for a bathing suit for him, made a couple other stops, then went home to wait for his call. "–Submitted by amylee "I met a guy right before he deployed to Afghanistan, and we got a little hot and heavy before he left, because I thought, "Why the hell not?

Waiting to trip up our relationship, if not destroy our marriages.

It’s kind of like trying to hold a beach ball under water.

She called me four years later to tell me she had a daughter and she thought I ought to know.