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The oven man has just called, he'll be here by lunchtime, so I'm off to collect the last of the sweet chestnuts that are clogging up the lane, learn my lines for tomorrow and prepare the marinade for the lamb.

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So in October we had the first dinner celebrating THE HUNTER MOON, I made Curried Goat, various tasty side dishes, the dawter made the perfect guacamole plus feathery rice, whilst the granddaughter delivered home made cakes so sweet, one bite was enough to dislodge the bridge on the top right hand side of my puckered mouth.I set off down hill for my last three hundred steps.Got to the Farm, and called my chauffeur who obliged.Then I'm off to Galway, if Mr Ryan doesn't cancel the flight first.I'm already thinking about the COLD MOON DO on December 3rd, I've met a photographer cum therapist from East Germany, a therapist cum Celebrant from Ashdown Forest, to which I will add a Homeopath from Norfolk and a couple of stray hippies who were born in Penge but have relocated to Hastings.Nothing like an intimate chat over the soups to know who your friends are.

So sorry to disappoint 'Grancangirl' but I am still bleating lots of rubbish on radio, telly and various salubrious venues, which you dear girl, will probably never turn up to, being superglued as you are to your trolling station.

It will be a 'You Tube' sensation if we ever get it finished.

I await news on this and that and on Wednesday and Thursday of next week I'm on Radio Sussex, talking to all and sundry from Hassocks to Henfield, Burpham to Bolney, which by the way has a terrific gastro pub THE EIGHT BELLS, run by a lovely mother and daughter who serve achingly good soup and sandwiches as big as a Manchurian Scaffolders biceps, and chips to halt a diet.

I've embargoed the electric chain saw just in case he has a mind to massacring the neighbours on the other side.

Tomorrow we're filming a drama that has been written by one of us, acted by two of us and filmed but the writer.

15 of us sat, or stood, gorging on Carribbean gorgeousness, talked, laughed and disappeared into the last of the summer night.