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Dating dr pepper logos

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As recently as 2014, a fan reported buying a genuine bottle of Dublin Dr Pepper at Pops 66, a soda shop in Oklahoma.Could it be possible that four years after Dublin stopped making Dr Pepper, bottles of this coveted drink are out there?

When a cult classic like this disappears, fans’ hoarding instincts take over.When the Dublin company first contracted to bottle the drink, it took as its distribution territory a 44-mile radius outside of Dublin—the distance a horse and carriage could travel in a day.For decades, the business thrived, and after Bill Kloster, who began working at the plant in 1933, at age 14, took over as manager, he became known as an unusually enthusiastic Dr Pepper booster.Kloster’s son (also named Bill) told the crew that Dr Pepper wanted to buy his whole operation, including a soda shop, a museum, and his father’s entire collection of memorabilia. Instead, the two companies reached a settlement, and Dr Pepper Snapple Group bought out Dublin’s franchise and distribution rights.In January 2012, the last ever bottles of Dublin Dr Pepper came off the line.This was Dublin Dr Pepper, made since 1891 in Dublin, Texas.

Although Dr Pepper began using high-fructose corn syrup as a sweetener in the early 1980s, the batches that came from Dublin Dr Pepper still had pure cane sugar in them.

One member of a documentary film crew in Dublin that day bought 10 to 12 cases of the last run.

Months after Dublin Bottling Works stopped making the drink, a family showed up with cases to sell at the company’s birthday celebration.

He drank a few bottles every day and was known to go out with a set of cold drinks and hand them out to anyone who wanted one.

Kloster also had a collection of Dr Pepper memorabilia unlike any in the country: it began with Dr Pepper calendars his wife saved him during World War II and grew to fill multiple basements and warehouses, with vintage bottles, every piece of advertising material Dr Pepper had put out, metal signs, clocks, thermometers, and old bottling equipment. What made Dublin Dr Pepper truly famous, though, was a decision Kloster made in the 1980s.

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