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Dating fender deluxe reverb amp

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In fact, there aren’t any different features or technical improvements in the Vibroverb that justifies its popularity. The Vibroverb did score among steel guitar players at the time.The 15″ speakers are firm in the bass and have lots of sparkle but most importantly, they have an enormous spread carrying the lower mids to anyone on stage.

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The good physical condition of this Vibroverb(cabinet, tolex, baffle and chassis) was most important to us.We completed the transaction with Pay Pal and after a long week a big 30 kg package arrived at our door.We couldn’t remember being so excited in a long time as we unpacked the amp from its box.Mid frequencies is exactly what you need on stage in an electrical band.The mids will blend in nicely with the bass, drums, piano and horns.It had the original transformers with 1963 date codes, original cover, footswitch and the two-prong power cord.

The tolex, chassis and cabinet had been nicely treated but unfortunately the amp had a couple of nasty mods implemented by the first owner, such as a PPI master volume (post phase inverter), mid control and a non-original speaker, an Altec Lansing 15″ from the 60s.

Though the Vibroverb is closely associated with SRV you can reproduce his tone with most Fender amps given the right speakers.

See our SRV page for more information about Stevie’s tone.

Many of the mods described below will make your amp break up earlier and reach the sweet spot at a lower volume.

Tube mods (pulling V1 out and a 12ax7 PI) will take you a long way.

The Vibroverb that Stevie Ray Vaughan used to record his Texas Flood album in 1983 had an Altec Lansing speaker, which practically is an early JBL speaker made by James B.