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In 2006 the organization had over $6 billion in total revenues.Revenue from blood and blood products alone was over $2 billion.

ARC is a nationwide network of more than 650 chapters and 36 blood service regions.In 1996, the Chronicle of Philanthropy, an industry magazine, released the results of the largest study of charitable and non-profit organization popularity and credibility.The study showed that ARC was ranked as the third "most popular charity/non-profit in America" of over 100 charities researched with 48% of Americans over the age of 12 choosing "Love", and "Like A lot" to describe the Red Cross.ARC teaches around 12 million Americans these skills annually, ranging from youth to professional rescuers.ARC co-led the 2005 Guidelines for First Aid, which aims to provide up-to-date and peer-reviewed first aid training materials.The first chapters opened in upstate New York, where she had connections.

Barton led one of the group's first major relief efforts, a response to the September 4–6, 1881 Great Fire of 1881 (Thumb Fire) in the Thumb region of Michigan. The next major disaster was the Johnstown Flood, which occurred on May 31, 1889.

The NAT tests for HIV and HCV have been licensed by the U. Leukocytes (white blood cells) help fight off foreign substances such as bacteria, viruses and abnormal cells.

In fact, these foreign leukocytes in transfused red blood cells and platelets are often not well tolerated and have been associated with some types of transfusion complications.

Red Cross Plasma Services provides plasma products that are reliable, cost-effective and as safe as possible.

In February 1999, ARC completed its "Transformation", a $287 million program that: re-engineered Red Cross Blood Services' processing, testing and distribution system; and established a new management structure.

Over 2,209 people died and thousands more were injured in or near Johnstown, Pennsylvania in one of the worst disasters in United States history.