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Dating kiss me

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Pete is a slick surfer dude yet to find commitment.Each meets the women of their dreams on the same day.

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When filming the scene where the van goes in the water, the crew had to hire a helicopter to look at the water to make sure no manatees were present.But something told me that I had to tell her I wanted to kiss her.The theory about girls using pepper spray on guys who kiss them unnerved me.] I never did get an opportunity to get my first kiss because all we did was sit in ice cream parlors or in coffee shops and part ways with a pat on the shoulder. I asked my dad to allow me to take the car out the next Saturday and told him that I wanted to take my friends out, and surprisingly, he agreed.I excitedly called my girlfriend and told her that I’d like to see her on Saturday, and I’d love to drive her around town. But when I told my friends, all they could talk about was the opportunity for me to have the first kiss of my life.The way both the actors moved their lips was weird and yet, so perfect! I mean, obviously I don’t want to shock her or frighten her with the idea that I’m trying to stop her from breathing.

So I was hoping that she’d at least get an idea about it.

I loved talking, and her quiet and calm personality had me head over heels over her. Wednesday ended with a lot of thought over kisses and pepper sprays.

[Read: 30 super sexy traits of a girl that attract all guys] The haunting of my first kiss It was pretty certain that she had no idea I wanted to kiss her. Thursday arrived, after a freakishly scary dream of me being chased by pepper sprays.

The car’s windows were deeply tinted, and considering that I had the car for myself the whole day, I knew that I just might be able to pull off the stunt of kissing my girlfriend.

[Read: 10 tips to make a girl want to kiss you] I was rather excited about getting my first kiss, and claiming my place in the pages of first kiss stories. Learning from other first kiss stories It was still the start of the week, and only a day since my dad had given me the permission to take the car.

Ryan and Pete are 27-year old best friends in Miami, born on the same day and each searching for the perfect woman.