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Dating orrefors glass

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There is renewed interest in the glass made in the modern styles of the 1940s and 1950s.

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Nils Landberg ' Tulpanglas' designed in 1956, produced in 1957 by Orrefors.In the years following that success, Orrefors attracted more dynamic and experimental artists such as Vicke Lindstrand and Edvin Ohrström, who joined the company in the 1930’s.Lindstrand and Ohstrom worked with glassblowers to create the "ariel" glass technique, an innovation that produces deeper, richer imagery that seems to morph and flow as light is refracted by the glass.Orrefors Glassworks, located in the Swedish province of Smaaland, was established in 1898.The company is still making glass for use on the table or as decorations.Many of the Orrefors pieces created during this time were copies of the designs of the popular French glassmakers such as Lalique and Galle.

In 1916, Orrefors hired artists Simon Gate and Edvard Hald as principal designers.

Each one of these works was one-of-a-kind and expensive. If your submission is selected, we’ll have expert Jason Hackler appraise it.

Hackler, manager/owner of New Hampshire Antique Co-op in Milford and partner of Jason Samuel Antiques, is a past officer of the Granite State Antique and Appraisers Association, a principal of the Active Appraisal Group and a member of the NH Antique Dealers Association.

As you will see from the items offered on these pages, there is a special aesthetic quality to Orrefors glass.

Whether a vase or a set of wine goblets, the work of this premier Swedish company represents the apex of functional artistry.