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Dating relationship boundaries

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How others react is their personal spiritual assignment and how we react is ours.As we release our attachment to others’ opinions and practice acceptance around however they choose to respond, we free ourselves from the bondage of fear, knowing that we are self-approved.

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If we choose to leave a person or situation, it’s important to trust and know that the universe has our back.Repeat this intention whenever fearful thoughts arise throughout the day.Every time we choose love over fear, we commit an act of self-love.When you find yourself having difficulty saying “no” to others, doing things out of feelings of guilt or obligation, attempting to please others even at the expense of what's best for you, or not expressing your thoughts and feelings when someone upsets you, you are putting yourself last and putting others first—which doesn't serve any of the parties involved.If we say “yes” to others asking of our time and energy and we’ve not filled ourselves up first, we are giving from a place of lack—which is a fear-based choice that sours the energy in a relationship and doesn’t serve either party.Common fears that show up in the context of boundaries include fear of not being good enough, fear of rejection, or fear of being alone or abandoned.

Many times, we adopt these fears as children (or at other points in our lives), and then drag these past experiences into our present and maybe even project them onto the future.

When we face our fears and express our thoughts and feelings openly to the person who upsets us or pushes our boundaries, internal healing occurs.

We learn that it is safe to speak our truth and that those who best serve us will listen with love.

The truth is, we're never a victim of our circumstances.

We can choose how we would like to perceive something in any given situation—we can choose to perceive fear or we can choose love.

But learning to set healthy boundaries offers a perfect opportunity to strengthen our capacity to love ourselves and release the ego's fearful perceptions.