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Dating someone with bipolar type 2

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I chose him only after experiencing that episode firsthand.

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It was then that I learned the true nature of the spirit and that our bodies are truly just vessels for a much higher energy.The spirit that I saw in this man as he dealt with his bipolar disorder was unshakable.The number one reason that he is my husband now is that no matter how he felt biologically that day, his service to other people never wavered.My husband, the true love of my life, deals on a day-to-day basis with bipolar disorder.Before we go into the reasons that this is difficult, we must go first into the character traits that made me want to marry him despite his mental disorder.Both of us are very driven, and we wanted our children to be inspired by us and be driven in life as well.

Bipolar disorder is described as a set of behaviors that fluctuate wildly without any external provocation.

Even as you read this, you are likely saying to yourself that I am letting love blind me and that I may even be in some physical danger.

Believe me, this social pressure is an incredibly difficult ship to navigate, because while a bipolar person is depressed, the things that they say resemble abuse.

He said that he knew from the second he saw me walk into the AA group, which is quite a romantic thing to say.

He says very romantic things, which is another reason why I had to lock it down.

However, our doctors and my gut say that it was partly from genetics and partly from a lack of nutrition early in his childhood.