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Dating vintage buttons

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(via Adored Vintage) The second World War affected just about every household during the forties.

The fashion trends of this era were distinctly divided into two categories: Wartime and Post-Wartime.The peplum became extremely fashionable during the forties in jackets, dresses and blouses. (Side note: women’s pants were usually referred to as “slacks” and men’s as “trousers”.) These pants were quite wide through the leg, all the way from the hip.(Dresses with peplums, via Vintage Patterns) " src=" alt="" width="370" height="480" / (Film star Katharine Hepburn wearing a pair of 1940s slacks, via Va-Voom Vintage) As the war ended and rationing was lifted in America, the fashion industry began to regain its momentum.Women had grown tired of the fashion restrictions through the war and Dior was their answer.His influence completely changed the silhouette from the broad shoulder, short skirted, military-influenced look to a soft, romantic hourglass shape – with much more fabric used.Buttons were made from plastics such as bakelite, celluloid and lucite, as well as glass and metal.

Zippered and buttoned openings were still most often found in the sides of garments, though toward the latter end of the decade they were sometimes seen at the center back of certain items.

Rationing was the idea that cutting back on the consumption of certain goods and supplies would help provide as many materials (raw or otherwise) to the war effort as possible.

Many factories that had been producing goods for public consumption had to switch to producing products supplies for the war.

The “look” of the early forties tended to be very military-inspired, as it was a direct reflection of the world events at that time.

The two-piece suit became very popular in women’s fashion during the war.

You will find that the skirts from this point in time tend to be quite narrow, A-line in shape, and the hemlines hit at or just below the knee.