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Walking around thinking that you will “never find” someone or that “all” men are any one thing will not only make you feel horrible, but it will also train your brain to prove this theory true! When you think "all men are dogs" you put up with bad behavior because you don't believe anything better is out there (which is not true. Think about if men thought all women were golddiggers/cheats or whatever else).9. It sounds obvious, but if you want children and marriage in the next few years, you might want to stop spending your Friday nights with the hot, emotionally unavailable guy who tells you that he doesn’t want kids.

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While demanding or agreeing to exclusivity on the second date is a little much (don't), it’s perfectly normal to ask how the other person feels about things to gauge whether or not you’re on the same page — especially if you’re doing the no-pants dance. Whether it’s trying to reform a dedicated playboy or guide a Peter Pan through adulthood, there’s nothing more exhausting than trying to build a better human. Live and let live, and don’t waste precious moments of your life attempting to polish someone up enough to properly fit into yours. Want someone who is confident, knows what he wants, has his Sh#@ together and is open to a relationship? Brenda Della Casa is the Author of Cinderella Was a Liar, The Managing Editor of Preston Bailey and Gotham Bandit, A Huffington Post Blogger and the Founder of BDC Life In Style. It’s about a rarity in a particular combination of desirable characteristics. Most confident, beautiful and talented humans are a bit self-centered. Is it possible for confident, beautiful and talented people to also be kind, selfless and good? I have compiled a list of red flags that communicate your man is not worth it and should be dropped immediately. In all my years of dating douche bags, my radar has become incredibly keen.I mean, you’ve just met, but you’re practically soul mates, right? I’m attracted to confident, beautiful and talented men. It’s not about a certain ‘type’ or laundry list of criteria, because those three adjectives can fit a number of looks and occupations. He won’t change for you, and he won’t change for the girl he meets after you (although she may be insecure enough to put up with him).If it happens twice, it will happen a third time.” Excellent advice in life Everyone has an off day and makes a screw-up now and then but when the same issue (or a variation of it) keeps popping up, it’s no longer a “mistake”, but valuable insight into someone’s character.

Being understanding and forgiving is essential to healthy relationship-building,but it’s a different story when we keep giving the benefit-of-the-doubt to someone who continuously disrespects/hurts/disappoints us.

blame the “hanging out” culture or label an entire gender “dogs,” but we both know that's a cop-out.

Since no one is perfect and we could all use a bit of polishing, let's put it out there and admit that it's a good thing to look at the behavior that might be holding us back from finding the happy, healthy relationship we all want and deserve.

We've all been there -- feeling victimized by a friend, a boss or a lover who has treated us poorly or unfairly.

It's an easy and common tendency to blame the other, make yourself out as the innocent one, while seeking out particular people who will reaffirm that pain body within that encourages a "woe is me" mentality. Your energy, confidence and attitude is the currency that others will transact with.

Besides, putting down your own credit card like a #boss with a confident “I got this” feels damn good.5.