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Requested the flight attendants not bother me and knocked off trying to make up for lack of sleep from last night. About an hour left of flight time and went to restroom to wash face.Noticed beard I shaved off exactly nine days ago had fully covered face. Not gonna slack off like I did during UK vacation in August.

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As we walked to the lounge she introduced herself and I discovered she’s Cuban. Forgot to mention I had, ahem, sorta slyly mentioned my 12 weeks of Spanish classes and used the word “despacio” – thank you Justin Bieber - when she had some trouble trying to explain something to me in English. Left her at the lounge as my flight departed before hers.Declined his offer and gave him what he wanted before he could continue his spiel.Soon as he got the money he walked away and when I saw him later under the tent, aka the non-VIP departure lounge, he blanked me. Once he gets money off me he pretends not to see me anymore and I suppose goes looking for another prey.Gonna miss my Juba apartment, but surely not gonna miss other parts of it.Ever tell you about birds that perch outside window sill of bedroom?Pointed her in the right direction then she asked me to watch her bags while she went on to do her business. Back to Juba, the “things are tough” guy clocked me again and went through his merry song.

Tried a different tactic this time by asking if I wanted to use the VIP departure lounge.

Turns out she has some mates over for dinner as well.

I tried to make eye contact with her across the restaurant. Stomped up to room sad until I remembered I had requested the cab driver pick me up an hour later than recommended so I’d be able to ride with Ms.

Weird how I haven’t noticed this on any other means of transportation.

To make matters worse it is one of those older planes where one must crane their neck to get a glimpse of the central monitor. By the way what is it about airplanes that makes folk sleep with their mouths agape?

Oh Abraham, this is the last time I fall for your tricks again. Things were so bad I coulda sworn someone was frying plantains in their hotel room last night.