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Even though the team didn’t give a possible age for the fossils, the discovery announcement fueled speculation that the fossils were more than a million years old based on the ancient-looking morphology.

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It’s still early days for the excavation of this cave system.This neither proves the the hypothesis or conclusively disproves it—but that’s the challenge of working with scant evidence in paleoanthropology.To some experts in the field, this leap to a burial hypothesis based on scant evidence was ludicrous.Antón is excited to see if the bones can be used to reconstruct how the moved and walked and lived. More than one paleoanthropologist I talked to likened humans to invasive species—like rats or pigeons, flexible in diet and behavior.Spanish Pakistani Girls mobile number and photo for friendship, Dating, paper marriage.The one thing everyone agrees is that the fossils themselves are spectacular.

In 2015, researchers unveiled 1,500 hominin fossil fragments found deep in a South African cave, excavated by six cavers who were all skinny, short, and female.

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They also begat other lineages—The dating paper has solid evidence—at least as solid as you can get with ancient bones.

“They have thrown basically every available dating method in the book at the remains,” says Justin Adams, a paleontologist at Monash University who has also worked in South African caves.

(He was coy about whether the cave system had more chambers with fossils.) Efforts to extract ancient DNA from the bones have so far failed, but he’s confident that they’ll get there eventually.