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If your suitor is the “right” person, he or she will be willing to wait a couple months before having sex and willing to wait before you start “working on your issues.” From a Reology perspective, we actually don’t believe “working on issues” is a healthy frame for romantic partnerships.

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Many couples make the mistake of starting the relating phase without having spent sufficient time in the dating phase. Before dinner was over she was telling her potential partner that because of the abuse she experienced as a child, she needed a man who would never surprise her.She needed him to always be honest, even if he was worried that she might not like what it was he had to tell her.There is nothing wrong with “relating,” but when it’s done out of sequence, it has no foundation to rest upon.The proper brain chemicals aren’t sufficiently in place to support dealing with serious issues.If you don’t, you are setting yourself and your potential date up for disappointment.

Getting together with a good friend and reading some other profiles to find different ways people describe themselves should inspire you to be able to write about yourself in a positive manner.

Also don’t use a glamour shot, because people can tell you’ve been made up (even with those tiny pics).

Be natural and tell the truth when you write about yourself.

So I have seen online dating work firsthand for a lot of folks, including myself.

If you do decide to go online, creating a good profile is paramount to making the service work for you. Don’t hide behind a hat or sunglasses, because it will put some people off.

I recommend you at least look into it rather than wait for someone to come knocking on your door.