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In the show Relation Shep, the 37-year-old Rose will be traveling to various cities across the country, where his castmates and friends will introduce him to different women so that he could find a girlfriend for him. I like to surround myself with someone I can be totally comfortable and happy with and hopefully make them feel that way, too.”"I'm not going to settle down, I'm going to settle up.Though Rose can’t share much about his new show, he talked about the requirements in the lady, with whom he would like to share a romantic relationship. I don't have a reason to behave myself or go home early, and that gets me in trouble sometimes, so I'm looking for a reason to behave myself.she can't try to hinder my good times and what not, that's no good." Rose even expressed that he would be searching for a woman, who could be a partner in crime and a voice of reason.

Although my husband, Michael, and I have been best friends for 25 years, we too have come to the end of an unsettling year, one in which for the first time we bickered, fumed, and even talked of separation.For many baby boomers, like us, the proverbial midlife crisis is here. Children are leaving the nest, parents are dying, and we're careening into retirement and facing mortality.The last thing many of us expected at 50 was the need to reinvent our primary relationship as well.Life moved along serenely for 10 years, until my parents unexpectedly became catastrophically ill, and I was overrun with caregiving duties.We had just bought a home in the suburbs, so money was again short.Although we never anticipated this makeover, here we are, facing issues we thought were long resolved and others that didn't exist until we entered our 50s.

Although there are no precise data on midlife divorce, the National Center for Health Statistics reports that the overall divorce rate for couples married 30 years or more grew 16 percent between 19.

I wasn't employed when we married; he was always generous, even though money was always tight.

I tried to control that, too, and took over managing finances. Back to the future Eventually Michael lost 100 pounds and I went back to work, so those particular anxieties vanished.

One of the personality, who seeks some unique qualities in his wife is the restaurant owner and reality star, Shep Rose; he is planning to get married, but only with a wife who fits his definition of perfect.

The Bravo series, Southern Charm's actor surely has captivated the heart of many ladies out there, but the lady that will delight his heart must be someone extraordinary.

"For the first time in our history," she says, "the decision to stay married is purely voluntary. Divorce is as simple as a trip to the nearest courthouse." Wallerstein adds that we've seen a huge jump in divorce in the past decade, even among people over 60.