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I've had the domain zbz5for some years now, even though it's been just a holding page for most of the time before I started this blog.

I've been looking for a basic data access layer for some time. My Sql 4.0 is fairly ancient tehnology, making my search rather difficult.I've started working on a testing framework for VB6.To be more specific, a testing framework that it should be possible to integrate into even the most hairy of legacy applications.Another lack in the existing library of interop articles is the bias towards writing articles describing the consumtion of COM libraries from . My need has allways been the other way around: consuming . The best guide I found where a 15 seconds article by Patrick Steele: COM Interop Exposed.This article adressed most, if not all, of the issues i ran into with my first interop project.I was testing out Help Burner and its capability to post directly to Drupal.

I did not get it to work, and in the process of finding out why, I opened up the Blog API module for anonymous users (just a test site, remember..) Today I ran two rounds of deployment of to our production servers.

I tried reading up on existing tools, but there where not many, and the documentation left much to be desired.

But the one thing I found was that they all required Active X dll's or exe files.

As long as the deployment environment is controlled, applications can be xcopied directly, with no extra steps.

But our application is a mix of and legacy VB6 components.

Also, it required another kind of boilerplate code, as it was based on pre-defined data classes.