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Deltav camgirl

Deltav camgirl-79

If you'd like to be added to the list please drop me a geekmail.

Deltav camgirl-26

To find the Game ID simply search the game and at the right hand side of the games page is listed the Game ID. If you don't use this format your sweeteners won't show up in the OLWLG properly.) 0311-TWIST and sends to (MRLEDGE) 0179-SPAALE(FANTASIDHE) 0328-TTRS receives (PETER HASLEHURST) 0403-MDART and sends to (COLLYWOBBLES) 0100-CWCVK(GAMESINBLUE) 0077-PRINC receives (SIMON J) 0110-TCTK and sends to (BERNIE_BE) 0254-AGRIC(GHOSTHACK) 0211-ARKHA receives (SPELLEN) 0196-SUPER and sends to (MIKKO_R) 0040-18VA(HEINZGUDERIAN) 0209-KINGS receives (SPELLEN) 0198-PERIK and sends to (KAMIXX) 0045-ICEFLO(HELIOA) 0134-2DM receives (TIGER) 0242-EOTAW and sends to (ROYALOAK) 0141-PACVIC(ILOVEKATUSHA) 0023-GIANTS receives (NICEBLOKE) 0203-SMAWOR and sends to (SPELLEN) 0196-SUPER(ILOVEKATUSHA) 0024-ATTIK receives (COLLYWOBBLES) 0101-HFISH and sends to (1000RPM) 0160-SPEED(ILOVEKATUSHA) 0027-ANDRO receives (SA266) 0435-ATGOL and sends to (RYON) 0283-AHKHE(ILOVEKATUSHA) 0031-ANTIK receives (KWAKKIE) 0125-MUNCH and sends to (ZWOBOT) 0337-LOTRTCDE(JANMS) 0390-TTRTCG receives (BONZILLOU) 0353-FDC33BS and sends to (KAMIXX) 0044-RTDG(KAMIXX) 0043-ENDEA receives (SORP222) 0255-POWSTR and sends to (BOOFUS) 0338-DN(KAMIXX) 0044-RTDG receives (JANMS) 0390-TTRTCG and sends to (RVTTER) 0087-GALTRU(KAMIXX) 0045-ICEFLO receives (HEINZGUDERIAN) 0209-KINGS and sends to (MRLEDGE) 0177-CASPAN(KAPPA_AP) 0387-WOWFA receives (TMVM) 0148-ACQUI and sends to (1000RPM) 0162-OGRE(KELLHUS) 0038-GOLDL receives (BATATAS) 0194-ROMA and sends to (PAVLUSHA) 0445-TALUVA(KWAKKIE) 0125-MUNCH receives (AVALE) 0421-GALEMP and sends to (ILOVEKATUSHA) 0031-ANTIK(MARIO PAWLOWSKI) 0346-TATPG receives (STREAKY2007) 0011-HCLIX and sends to (TIGER) 0248-ANP2E(MAX STARFISH) 0021-THROU receives (CYBERIAN) 0113-DREAM and sends to (TMVM) 0148-ACQUI(ME 262 SCHWALBE) 0033-ELGRA receives (ROYALOAK) 0141-PACVIC and sends to (SPELLEN) 0309-ELFEN(ME 262 SCHWALBE) 0036-THRON receives (UELI BLUM) 0049-BCITY and sends to (SPELLEN) 0198-PERIK(MIKKO_R) 0039-1U1 receives (NEWREV) 0370-BATGAL and sends to (SORP222) 0255-POWSTR(MIKKO_R) 0040-18VA receives (GHOSTHACK) 0211-ARKHA and sends to (DUARTEC) 0235-TPIP(MIKKO_R) 0041-GOA receives (DRZODIACUS) 0290-BTRAY and sends to (STALLION) 0168-WOWTB(MONTSEGUR) 0408-HANTEU receives (MRLEDGE) 0174-CHAIN and sends to (NEWREV) 0370-BATGAL(MONTSEGUR) 0409-CAEXL receives (BRAUERLE) 0447-VINCI and sends to (BONZILLOU) 0353-FDC33BS(MONTSEGUR) 0411-FRAZOO receives (SENTIEIRO) 0092-SCHGOL and sends to (COLLYWOBBLES) 0101-HFISH(MRLEDGE) 0174-CHAIN receives (PISCATELLA) 0096-MEM44 and sends to (MONTSEGUR) 0408-HANTEU(MRLEDGE) 0175-RFTG receives (COLLYWOBBLES) 0104-ROSN and sends to (NIKOLA) 0202-AN3PVM(MRLEDGE) 0177-CASPAN receives (KAMIXX) 0045-ICEFLO and sends to (SUPERDUPERGEEK) 0426-TROLL(MRLEDGE) 0178-RBOP receives (AHIKSKING) 0108-TITBOU and sends to (CGGRITT) 0006-WISHS(MRLEDGE) 0179-SPAALE receives (ERASERHEAD) 0264-BATTL and sends to (BUTTER LEMON) 0062-AN22E(NEWREV) 0370-BATGAL receives (MONTSEGUR) 0408-HANTEU and sends to (MIKKO_R) 0039-1U1(NEWREV) 0376-SPAALE receives (BERNIE_BE) 0256-NOSCIT and sends to (CGGRITT) 0001-PGFM(NICEBLOKE) 0203-SMAWOR receives (SUPERDUPERGEEK) 0426-TROLL and sends to (ILOVEKATUSHA) 0023-GIANTS(NIKOLA) 0202-AN3PVM receives (MRLEDGE) 0175-RFTG and sends to (PIKI) 0365-PANDE(NTROLLS) 0307-SUPSTO receives (DOLZANDAVID) 0079-DIEDOL and sends to (SENTIEIRO) 0091-SEIDE(PAVLUSHA) 0445-TALUVA receives (KELLHUS) 0038-GOLDL and sends to (UELI BLUM) 0052-HOLLY(PETER HASLEHURST) 0403-MDART receives (PIKI) 0365-PANDE and sends to (FANTASIDHE) 0328-TTRS(PETER HASLEHURST) 0404-HFISH receives (1000RPM) 0162-OGRE and sends to (SIMON J) 0110-TCTK(PIKI) 0365-PANDE receives (NIKOLA) 0202-AN3PVM and sends to (PETER HASLEHURST) 0403-MDART(PISCATELLA) 0096-MEM44 receives (DUARTEC) 0235-TPIP and sends to (MRLEDGE) 0174-CHAIN(REALGABRIEL) 0367-SMAWOR receives (CUAZZEL) 0126-SANTI and sends to (SLICK!) 0311-TWIST(ROYALOAK) 0141-PACVIC receives (HELIOA) 0134-2DM and sends to (ME 262 SCHWALBE) 0033-ELGRA(ROYALOAK) 0145-MOIVITROI receives (BONZILLOU) 0359-CAH and sends to (DOMI123) 0380-FDM(RVTTER) 0086-GHOSTO receives (TANAKOR) 0070-AFOTM and sends to (BUTTER LEMON) 0063-AN11E(RVTTER) 0087-GALTRU receives (KAMIXX) 0044-RTDG and sends to (TANAKOR) 0070-AFOTM(RVTTER) 0090-RTTATBA receives (SLICK!Trade Maximizer Version 1.3a Options: ALLOW-DUMMIES REQUIRE-COLONS REQUIRE-USERNAMES HIDE-NONTRADES SHOW-ELAPSED-TIME LINEAR-PRIORITIESTRADE LOOPS (113 total trades):(1000RPM) 0160-SPEED receives (ILOVEKATUSHA) 0024-ATTIK(ILOVEKATUSHA) 0024-ATTIK receives (COLLYWOBBLES) 0101-HFISH(COLLYWOBBLES) 0101-HFISH receives (MONTSEGUR) 0411-FRAZOO(MONTSEGUR) 0411-FRAZOO receives (SENTIEIRO) 0092-SCHGOL(SENTIEIRO) 0092-SCHGOL receives (XELFORP) 0269-BTB(XELFORP) 0269-BTB receives (BATATAS) 0193-SOCCG(BATATAS) 0193-SOCCG receives (ZWOBOT) 0337-LOTRTCDE(ZWOBOT) 0337-LOTRTCDE receives (ILOVEKATUSHA) 0031-ANTIK(ILOVEKATUSHA) 0031-ANTIK receives (KWAKKIE) 0125-MUNCH(KWAKKIE) 0125-MUNCH receives (AVALE) 0421-GALEMP(AVALE) 0421-GALEMP receives (BOOFUS) 0338-DN(BOOFUS) 0338-DN receives (KAMIXX) 0043-ENDEA(KAMIXX) 0043-ENDEA receives (SORP222) 0255-POWSTR(SORP222) 0255-POWSTR receives (MIKKO_R) 0039-1U1(MIKKO_R) 0039-1U1 receives (NEWREV) 0370-BATGAL(NEWREV) 0370-BATGAL receives (MONTSEGUR) 0408-HANTEU(MONTSEGUR) 0408-HANTEU receives (MRLEDGE) 0174-CHAIN(MRLEDGE) 0174-CHAIN receives (PISCATELLA) 0096-MEM44(PISCATELLA) 0096-MEM44 receives (DUARTEC) 0235-TPIP(DUARTEC) 0235-TPIP receives (MIKKO_R) 0040-18VA(MIKKO_R) 0040-18VA receives (GHOSTHACK) 0211-ARKHA(GHOSTHACK) 0211-ARKHA receives (SPELLEN) 0196-SUPER(SPELLEN) 0196-SUPER receives (ILOVEKATUSHA) 0023-GIANTS(ILOVEKATUSHA) 0023-GIANTS receives (NICEBLOKE) 0203-SMAWOR(NICEBLOKE) 0203-SMAWOR receives (SUPERDUPERGEEK) 0426-TROLL(SUPERDUPERGEEK) 0426-TROLL receives (MRLEDGE) 0177-CASPAN(MRLEDGE) 0177-CASPAN receives (KAMIXX) 0045-ICEFLO(KAMIXX) 0045-ICEFLO receives (HEINZGUDERIAN) 0209-KINGS(HEINZGUDERIAN) 0209-KINGS receives (SPELLEN) 0198-PERIK(SPELLEN) 0198-PERIK receives (ME 262 SCHWALBE) 0036-THRON(ME 262 SCHWALBE) 0036-THRON receives (UELI BLUM) 0049-BCITY(UELI BLUM) 0049-BCITY receives (BERNIE_BE) 0254-AGRIC(BERNIE_BE) 0254-AGRIC receives (GAMESINBLUE) 0077-PRINC(GAMESINBLUE) 0077-PRINC receives (SIMON J) 0110-TCTK(SIMON J) 0110-TCTK receives (PETER HASLEHURST) 0404-HFISH(PETER HASLEHURST) 0404-HFISH receives (1000RPM) 0162-OGRE(1000RPM) 0162-OGRE receives (KAPPA_AP) 0387-WOWFA(KAPPA_AP) 0387-WOWFA receives (TMVM) 0148-ACQUI(TMVM) 0148-ACQUI receives (MAX STARFISH) 0021-THROU(MAX STARFISH) 0021-THROU receives (CYBERIAN) 0113-DREAM(CYBERIAN) 0113-DREAM receives (SENTIEIRO) 0091-SEIDE(SENTIEIRO) 0091-SEIDE receives (NTROLLS) 0307-SUPSTO(NTROLLS) 0307-SUPSTO receives (DOLZANDAVID) 0079-DIEDOL(DOLZANDAVID) 0079-DIEDOL receives (TIGER) 0248-ANP2E(TIGER) 0248-ANP2E receives (MARIO PAWLOWSKI) 0346-TATPG(MARIO PAWLOWSKI) 0346-TATPG receives (STREAKY2007) 0011-HCLIX(STREAKY2007) 0011-HCLIX receives (UELI BLUM) 0052-HOLLY(UELI BLUM) 0052-HOLLY receives (PAVLUSHA) 0445-TALUVA(PAVLUSHA) 0445-TALUVA receives (KELLHUS) 0038-GOLDL(KELLHUS) 0038-GOLDL receives (BATATAS) 0194-ROMA(BATATAS) 0194-ROMA receives (COBALTO) 0415-LOTRTC(COBALTO) 0415-LOTRTC receives (SA266) 0436-LEHAV(SA266) 0436-LEHAV receives (RVTTER) 0090-RTTATBA(RVTTER) 0090-RTTATBA receives (SLICK! ) 0339-BABEL receives (BUTTER LEMON) 0062-AN22E(BUTTER LEMON) 0062-AN22E receives (MRLEDGE) 0179-SPAALE(MRLEDGE) 0179-SPAALE receives (ERASERHEAD) 0264-BATTL(ERASERHEAD) 0264-BATTL receives (SLICK! ) 0311-TWIST receives (REALGABRIEL) 0367-SMAWOR(REALGABRIEL) 0367-SMAWOR receives (CUAZZEL) 0126-SANTI(CUAZZEL) 0126-SANTI receives (BATATAS) 0250-AA1E(BATATAS) 0250-AA1E receives (COLLYWOBBLES) 0100-CWCVK(COLLYWOBBLES) 0100-CWCVK receives (FANTASIDHE) 0328-TTRS(FANTASIDHE) 0328-TTRS receives (PETER HASLEHURST) 0403-MDART(PETER HASLEHURST) 0403-MDART receives (PIKI) 0365-PANDE(PIKI) 0365-PANDE receives (NIKOLA) 0202-AN3PVM(NIKOLA) 0202-AN3PVM receives (MRLEDGE) 0175-RFTG(MRLEDGE) 0175-RFTG receives (COLLYWOBBLES) 0104-ROSN(COLLYWOBBLES) 0104-ROSN receives (STEVIEA) 0277-CUBA(STEVIEA) 0277-CUBA receives (CUAZZEL) 0129-OLTRE(CUAZZEL) 0129-OLTRE receives (ZWOBOT) 0064-WOWFA(ZWOBOT) 0064-WOWFA receives (DUARTEC) 0238-PANDE(DUARTEC) 0238-PANDE receives (SPELLEN) 0197-GULOG(SPELLEN) 0197-GULOG receives (DRZODIACUS) 0294-PRISOU(DRZODIACUS) 0294-PRISOU receives (SA266) 0440-LOSTV(SA266) 0440-LOSTV receives (1000RPM) 0160-SPEED(AHIKSKING) 0108-TITBOU receives (XELFORP) 0272-MIDGA(XELFORP) 0272-MIDGA receives (STREAKY2007) 0015-SUBBU(STREAKY2007) 0015-SUBBU receives (XELFORP) 0270-APPLE(XELFORP) 0270-APPLE receives (DOMI123) 0380-FDM(DOMI123) 0380-FDM receives (ROYALOAK) 0145-MOIVITROI(ROYALOAK) 0145-MOIVITROI receives (BONZILLOU) 0359-CAH(BONZILLOU) 0359-CAH receives (AVALE) 0417-HOS(AVALE) 0417-HOS receives (RYON) 0283-AHKHE(RYON) 0283-AHKHE receives (ILOVEKATUSHA) 0027-ANDRO(ILOVEKATUSHA) 0027-ANDRO receives (SA266) 0435-ATGOL(SA266) 0435-ATGOL receives (BOUDIE) 0153-MACAO(BOUDIE) 0153-MACAO receives (CGGRITT) 0001-PGFM(CGGRITT) 0001-PGFM receives (NEWREV) 0376-SPAALE(NEWREV) 0376-SPAALE receives (BERNIE_BE) 0256-NOSCIT(BERNIE_BE) 0256-NOSCIT receives (CELTIC JOKER) 0183-CARCC(CELTIC JOKER) 0183-CARCC receives (BUTTER LEMON) 0063-AN11E(BUTTER LEMON) 0063-AN11E receives (RVTTER) 0086-GHOSTO(RVTTER) 0086-GHOSTO receives (TANAKOR) 0070-AFOTM(TANAKOR) 0070-AFOTM receives (RVTTER) 0087-GALTRU(RVTTER) 0087-GALTRU receives (KAMIXX) 0044-RTDG(KAMIXX) 0044-RTDG receives (JANMS) 0390-TTRTCG(JANMS) 0390-TTRTCG receives (BONZILLOU) 0353-FDC33BS(BONZILLOU) 0353-FDC33BS receives (MONTSEGUR) 0409-CAEXL(MONTSEGUR) 0409-CAEXL receives (BRAUERLE) 0447-VINCI(BRAUERLE) 0447-VINCI receives (SPELLEN) 0309-ELFEN(SPELLEN) 0309-ELFEN receives (ME 262 SCHWALBE) 0033-ELGRA(ME 262 SCHWALBE) 0033-ELGRA receives (ROYALOAK) 0141-PACVIC(ROYALOAK) 0141-PACVIC receives (HELIOA) 0134-2DM(HELIOA) 0134-2DM receives (TIGER) 0242-EOTAW(TIGER) 0242-EOTAW receives (AHIKSKING) 0167-GTR(AHIKSKING) 0167-GTR receives (TIGER) 0245-STEROC(TIGER) 0245-STEROC receives (CGGRITT) 0006-WISHS(CGGRITT) 0006-WISHS receives (MRLEDGE) 0178-RBOP(MRLEDGE) 0178-RBOP receives (AHIKSKING) 0108-TITBOU(DRZODIACUS) 0290-BTRAY receives (STALLION) 0168-WOWTB(STALLION) 0168-WOWTB receives (MIKKO_R) 0041-GOA(MIKKO_R) 0041-GOA receives (DRZODIACUS) 0290-BTRAYITEM SUMMARY (113 total trades):(1000RPM) 0160-SPEED receives (ILOVEKATUSHA) 0024-ATTIK and sends to (SA266) 0440-LOSTV(1000RPM) 0162-OGRE receives (KAPPA_AP) 0387-WOWFA and sends to (PETER HASLEHURST) 0404-HFISH(AHIKSKING) 0108-TITBOU receives (XELFORP) 0272-MIDGA and sends to (MRLEDGE) 0178-RBOP(AHIKSKING) 0167-GTR receives (TIGER) 0245-STEROC and sends to (TIGER) 0242-EOTAW(AVALE) 0417-HOS receives (RYON) 0283-AHKHE and sends to (BONZILLOU) 0359-CAH(AVALE) 0421-GALEMP receives (BOOFUS) 0338-DN and sends to (KWAKKIE) 0125-MUNCH(BATATAS) 0193-SOCCG receives (ZWOBOT) 0337-LOTRTCDE and sends to (XELFORP) 0269-BTB(BATATAS) 0194-ROMA receives (COBALTO) 0415-LOTRTC and sends to (KELLHUS) 0038-GOLDL(BATATAS) 0250-AA1E receives (COLLYWOBBLES) 0100-CWCVK and sends to (CUAZZEL) 0126-SANTI(BERNIE_BE) 0254-AGRIC receives (GAMESINBLUE) 0077-PRINC and sends to (UELI BLUM) 0049-BCITY(BERNIE_BE) 0256-NOSCIT receives (CELTIC JOKER) 0183-CARCC and sends to (NEWREV) 0376-SPAALE(BONZILLOU) 0353-FDC33BS receives (MONTSEGUR) 0409-CAEXL and sends to (JANMS) 0390-TTRTCG(BONZILLOU) 0359-CAH receives (AVALE) 0417-HOS and sends to (ROYALOAK) 0145-MOIVITROI(BOOFUS) 0338-DN receives (KAMIXX) 0043-ENDEA and sends to (AVALE) 0421-GALEMP(BOUDIE) 0153-MACAO receives (CGGRITT) 0001-PGFM and sends to (SA266) 0435-ATGOL(BRAUERLE) 0447-VINCI receives (SPELLEN) 0309-ELFEN and sends to (MONTSEGUR) 0409-CAEXL(BUTTER LEMON) 0062-AN22E receives (MRLEDGE) 0179-SPAALE and sends to (SLICK!) 0339-BABEL(BUTTER LEMON) 0063-AN11E receives (RVTTER) 0086-GHOSTO and sends to (CELTIC JOKER) 0183-CARCC(CELTIC JOKER) 0183-CARCC receives (BUTTER LEMON) 0063-AN11E and sends to (BERNIE_BE) 0256-NOSCIT(CGGRITT) 0001-PGFM receives (NEWREV) 0376-SPAALE and sends to (BOUDIE) 0153-MACAO(CGGRITT) 0006-WISHS receives (MRLEDGE) 0178-RBOP and sends to (TIGER) 0245-STEROC(COBALTO) 0415-LOTRTC receives (SA266) 0436-LEHAV and sends to (BATATAS) 0194-ROMA(COLLYWOBBLES) 0100-CWCVK receives (FANTASIDHE) 0328-TTRS and sends to (BATATAS) 0250-AA1E(COLLYWOBBLES) 0101-HFISH receives (MONTSEGUR) 0411-FRAZOO and sends to (ILOVEKATUSHA) 0024-ATTIK(COLLYWOBBLES) 0104-ROSN receives (STEVIEA) 0277-CUBA and sends to (MRLEDGE) 0175-RFTG(CUAZZEL) 0126-SANTI receives (BATATAS) 0250-AA1E and sends to (REALGABRIEL) 0367-SMAWOR(CUAZZEL) 0129-OLTRE receives (ZWOBOT) 0064-WOWFA and sends to (STEVIEA) 0277-CUBA(CYBERIAN) 0113-DREAM receives (SENTIEIRO) 0091-SEIDE and sends to (MAX STARFISH) 0021-THROU(DOLZANDAVID) 0079-DIEDOL receives (TIGER) 0248-ANP2E and sends to (NTROLLS) 0307-SUPSTO(DOMI123) 0380-FDM receives (ROYALOAK) 0145-MOIVITROI and sends to (XELFORP) 0270-APPLE(DRZODIACUS) 0290-BTRAY receives (STALLION) 0168-WOWTB and sends to (MIKKO_R) 0041-GOA(DRZODIACUS) 0294-PRISOU receives (SA266) 0440-LOSTV and sends to (SPELLEN) 0197-GULOG(DUARTEC) 0235-TPIP receives (MIKKO_R) 0040-18VA and sends to (PISCATELLA) 0096-MEM44(DUARTEC) 0238-PANDE receives (SPELLEN) 0197-GULOG and sends to (ZWOBOT) 0064-WOWFA(ERASERHEAD) 0264-BATTL receives (SLICK!Welcome to the bi-monthly European Maths Trade list.

I keep a notification list (via geekmail) for the trade lists I run.

Want lists MUST be submitted via the On-line Want List Generator (OLWLG), which you can find here: If you haven't already done so, register your BGG ID on the Online Want List Generator by clicking on this link here: your BGG username and you will then be sent a Geekmail with a direct link to a personalised version of OLWLG.

Click on the January 2010 EU Maths Trade and you should see a list of all the items that are in the trade.

Please remember that when you add an item to a Want List you are agreeing that you are prepared to accept a trade for that item.

You may be just as likely to receive the items on your Want Lists that you 'least' want as those you 'most' want so do not add an item if receiving it may leave you disappointed!

Use of the altname brief description -altname- will only work if one of these is selected as the main item, and will not work for sweeteners.