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Dexter stars dating

Wow, I really hope for Michaels sake that Jennifer is not as annoying in real life as she is on the show.

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Nothing." Hall, for his part, said it was "gratifying" to be able to continue his professional relationship with his ex.She would fly all over to his concerts to be with him,” the insider said. As I’m sure you will understand, this is a very difficult and painful time for us and our families,” Avett wrote.“No one saw this affair coming from those closest to Seth, but he finally left his wife last winter to be with Jennifer.” It wasn’t until Tuesday that Avett admitted on the band’s website that he and his wife have separated. “I want to wholeheartedly thank you for respecting our privacy in this matter and I ask sincerely for your prayers, support and understanding.” Avett has also retired the song “January Wedding,” which is about his wife, from the band’s concert set."No, seriously." Then, when the host asked Hall if he'd kiss, marry, or kill Carpenter's character Deb, she interrupted with, "You understand why this is loaded, don't you?" Their relationship aside, both stars said they felt good about where the show had ended up.Just because they happen to be actors that play siblings just adds a colorful twist when people ask how they met :) As mentioned they are not even depicted as blood relatives on the show so I don't see why that should be weird.

Personally I enjoy a show more when I hear that the actors really enjoy working together (and I guess these two really really enjoyed it).

The 32-year-old Avett married his wife Susan in 2008, but has been dating 33-year-old Carpenter since 2011.

An insider close to the Avett Brothers told co-star], she began seeing Seth.

Hall in 2007, and the two eloped on New Year’s Eve 2008 in California.

Less than three years later, in December 2010, the couple released a statement announcing that they had filed for divorce. Carpenter posted numerous tweets supporting her boyfriend and his band last year.

"Ninety-six episodes in, I felt like we were all called upon to invest ourselves to bring it home," Hall said of shooting the final episode.