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For those seeking fitness and a healthy lifestyle, there is a state-of-the-art health club and an integrative health spa.The Arabian Knights Horse Farm and training center accommodates those with equestrian and boarding interests.

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Was originally located in Bethlehem PA, but end up in Coudersport. An abundance of hotels and motels dot the area, including Holiday Inn, Super 8, La Quinta and Red Roof Inn.Various local retailers provide ample shopping and a comfortable community tax base with little municipal tax to property owners.Eight of the parks are equipped with playgrounds and picnic tables.The department also offers year-round programs for preschoolers through senior adults.I ended it because it was sort of going nowhere, but I always liked the idea and for two years off and on I worked on a reboot.

I wrote about 50 strips, a complete first chapter, but some things didn’t quite click yet (even though I think the arc is strong) so I shelved it indefinitely.

Jimmy uses only home made ingredients and serves everything fresh (nothing microwaved or previously frozen).

For example he peels his own potatoes to make hash browns for breakfast, or breads his own filleted chicken breasts for chicken strips, never to be caught opening a cisco frozen package.

Below is a collection of illustrations I made for various clients, projects, or simply for fun.

Big projects with more detailed descriptions and links can be found by scrolling further down the page.

It also travels to other destinations on the PACE route.