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Donnie wahlberg who is he dating

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In 1984, he auditioned for music producer Maurice Starr, who immediately enlisted Wahlberg to form the centerpiece of New Kids on the Block. on August 17, 1969, in Boston, Massachusetts and grew up in a predominantly Irish-American neighborhood of the city.He was the eighth of nine children; his younger sibling, Mark Wahlberg, is also a famous entertainer.

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Wahlberg's mother recalled, "When I think about it now, I realize how hard it was, but back then we never even realized it!“It drove a stake right through Donnie’s heart when Jenny broke the news that she doesn’t want more kids,” a source revealed.“She already has one son and insists having another child is NOT in her future.However, unhappy with the band's pop-friendly artistic direction, Mark soon left the group and was replaced by another friend, Jaime Kelly.Starr didn't like Kelly's style, however, and soon replaced him with his own recruit, Joey Mc Intyre, to form the group's definitive lineup.“Jenny tried to let Donnie down easy because she knew he really wanted her to bear his chil­dren.

But he took the news harder than she anticipated, and now it’s caused a lot of tension in their relation­ship.” Donnie, 44, and Jenny, 40, began dating shortly after he appeared on her VH1 talk show, “The Jenny Mc Carthy Show,” in late March.

The group's first single, "Be My Girl," received almost no airplay outside of Boston, and album sales were abysmal. After a successful holiday album in 1990, New Kids on the Block released a third full studio album, Step by Step, which also reached No.

With their first album a failure, the band returned to the studio with Starr, and two years later released a second album, . New Kids on the Block followed up with two even more successful singles: "You Got It (The Right Stuff)," which peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Charts, boosted by the hit singles "Step by Step" and "Tonight." For a time, New Kids on the Block was the most popular and lucrative musical act in America.

Wahlberg's mother, Alma Wahlberg, worked as a nurse's assistant at nearby St.

Margaret Hospital, and his father, Donald Wahlberg, was a truck driver and active member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters labor union.

Soon Wahlberg and Danny Wood, a friend also being bused to Roxbury, began spending their afternoons composing rap lyrics instead of their homework.