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Duggar dating rules

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That's because Season Two has been all about 22-year-old Jinger and her modern take on courtship!

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spinoff was originally about Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald.“I thought it was just us there, and that was really special.”See More: Kate Mara and Jamie Bell Are Showing Off Their Wedding Rings on Instagram The couple wed this past May in a church completely packed with family and close friends.The ceremony was filled with surprises, as Joseph Duggar popped the question to Kendra Caldwell, whom he had been courting for the past few months.So what rules did the young couple throw out the window?Does this confirm the rumors that Joy-Anna was already pregnant before their wedding?While it is unknown how Jim Bob reacted to Austin’s confession, everything ended up pretty well for Austin and Joy-Anna.

The two got married in May and three months after, they announced that they were expecting their first child. The baby responds to touch and is already right- or left-handed.

But how do their own rules apply to Jeremy's "massive bed" Jinger couldn't help but comment on??

episode, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth confessed that they didn’t exactly follow their families’ strict dating guidelines.

Just letting time slip past you and being in a good conversation.” Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are known to be super strict when it comes to their children’s social life–from the way the girls dress and, most especially, who and how they date.

TLC previously revealed some of the conservative family’s “simple rules for dating.” Unmarried couples aren’t allowed to date without a chaperone and should not text each other privately–“dad and mom are cc’d on texts!

In the preview, Forsyth is questioned about the frontal hug he briefly shared with Duggar shortly after she accepted his marriage proposal.