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Error updating jscript intellisense object expected

Subject Buffers Connected(IWpf Text View text View, Connection Reason reason, Collection`1 subject Buffers) at Microsoft. I've also tried updateconfiguration and clearcache, no luck ufortunately System. I had to delete the directory: %localappdata%\Microsoft\Visual Studio\14.0\Component Model Cache Everything seems to be working again. The thing is I haven't installed any of the Universal Windows App Dev Tools at all.

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IReferences File Path Provider" but found 0 after applying applicable constraints. Get Export[T, TMetadata View](String contract Name) at Microsoft. Project Data..ctor(IVs Hierarchy project) at Microsoft. Recent projects now show up in the recent projects list and my source control plugin now correctly flags the solution node when its status changes. This is the third minor release on top of j Query 1.4, fixing some bugs and landing some nice improvements.Hi, This is a known bug that we have fixed, however you could have been affected if you installed the "tools for universal apps development" during a specific period of time.

There is a post on our MSDN forums with some steps, and we will soon be publishing a KB with the following workaround: If the “Tools for Universal Windows Apps Development” are still installed: 707 Begin package load [Microsoft.

By looking to (in my case) file, i found alot of errors.

I've discover a thing that if in referenced files in _are errors - intellisense won't work. Intellisense cannot found local fields from local file.

I would like to thank the following community members that provided patches and input for this release: Anton M., Justin Meyer, Colin Snover, Ryan Tenney, Louis-Rémi Babé, David Petersen, Rick Waldron, Dave Reed, John-David Dalton, temp01, Heungsub Lee, J.

Ryan Stinnett, Robert Katic, Juriy Zaytsev, James Burke, Jeffery To, Carl Fürstenberg, Jacob Wright, Jeff Robinson, Christian C.

After updating the windows universal app development tools, I was still getting the same error. opening any Type Script file in VS2015 (TS causes the error which is followed by automatic VS restart. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80020006 (DISP_E_UNKNOWNNAME)) at System. Invoke Disp Method(String name, Binding Flags invoke Attr, Object target, Object[] args, Boolean[] byref Modifiers, Int32 culture, String[] named Parameters) at System. Invoke Member(String name, Binding Flags binding Flags, Binder binder, Object target, Object[] provided Args, Parameter Modifier[] modifiers, Culture Info culture, String[] named Params) at Microsoft.