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Unfortunately, the frogs turned into princes and were therefore completely useless to the village.Title: FAIL Blog - Epic Fails Videos, GIFs and Pictures - Fail | Fails | Funny Videos | Fail GIFs | Fail Videos - Cheezburger Description: The internet has generated a huge amount of laughs from cats and fails.

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The site has been profiled in most world publications: The Times named FAIL blog their #3 comedy website, The Los Angeles Times called FAIL Blog, a "fan favorite," Time magazine noted that FAIL Blog has "helped popularize fail as both a noun and an exclamation, not to mention an easier-to-spell synonym for schadenfreude," and The New York Times called it a “runaway hit.” The site is also commonly referenced in popular culture; The Huffington Post called Netflix a “walking failblog” in reference to their July 2011 pricing change and The Atlantic called a Chris Coghlan baseball blunder "a debacle worthy of FAIL Blog." In July 2009, FAIL Blog posted a screenshot of the Guinness record webpage for "Most Individuals Killed in a Terrorist Attack" which was accompanied with a "Break this record" link.Anne Diana Dawson; Lawrence Fatt Khim Lang; Ai Ling Joanna Tan; Jeffrey Pei Tseng Yam; Hsiao Ling Tan; Mas Aryani Mohd Khalil; Margaret Mary Joseph; Phyllis Set Fui Lo; Yin Ling Fock; Loretta Vanessa Holmberg; Christon Jon Burrows; Mark Jin Leong Tan; Sue Fen Ong; Kian Fei Koe; Daryll Richard Ng; Chiek Chuin Lee; Lay Khim Tan; Zhipeng Liu; Ee Laine Tiah; Terence Sebastian Ker Siang Koh; Li-Sher Beng; Pebble Huei-Chieh Sia; Seeni Syed Ahamed Kabeer Mohamed Haniffa; Lloyd Kah Seng Chan; John Shing Chun Wang; Chi Hoong Nicholas How; Elaine Wen Su Chao; Hoon Huar Goh; Su-Min Song; Su Lian Lu; Seang Kuan Saw; Seng Leong Christopher Goh; May Loh; Jeng Kiat Timothy Aeron Low; Kia Khuang Chan; Jonathan Kuan Yee Lee; Tammy Tan; Marlene Sunita Rasanayagam; Cheng Foong Tan; David Ming Onn Chan; Diana Hi Ling The; Jason Colin Callender; Sarah Lorraine Parnell King; Jee Wei Law; Kirindeep Singh; Ajinderpal Singh; Ka Hei Shum; Vanessa-Anne de Souza; Kee Yong Liu; Mae Shan Chong; I-An Lim; Kelvin Kai Tong Fong; Siok Kiang Fiona Yeo; Li Lin Lim; Kim Kuan Cheng; Yee Mei Ivy Chui; Wah Boon Boh; Ching Fan Chan; Moo-Kyung Jung; Angelina Tan Cheng; Sophia Armanda Dilbert; Dale Michael Crowley; Paul John King; Previtha Kunjuraman; Charlotte Emma Tiffany Gilthorpe; Natalie Elaine Glitzenhirn; Anandan Ganesan.every aluminum upgrade needed, throttle mod, fuel tank mod...upgraded shocks....html head meta http equiv content type text charset ISO 8859 1 title Google style body td a p h font family arial sans serif size 20px color 3366cc q 00c script function sf document f focus bgcolor ffffff 000000 link 0000cc vlink 551a8b alink ff0000 onload if images new Image src nav logo2 png topmargin 3 marginheight center div align right nowrap padding bottom 4px width 100 href url sa pref ig pval www de 3Fhl 3Dde usg Z0CJb WM4Hl Sg Uf Avcq REfrp5hx E Diese Seite personalisieren nbsp https com accounts Login continue hl Anmelden img alt height 110 intl logo gif 301 br form action search name defer table border 0 cellspacing cellpadding 4 tr b Web class imghp ie oe tab wi Bilder groups grphp wg news nwshp wn froogle frghp wf options Mehr raquo valign top 25 input hidden value maxlength 2048 55 Suche btn G submit btn I Auf gut Gl??2 advanced Erweiterte preferences Einstellungen language tools Sprachtools colspan id all radio checked label for Das lgr lr lang Seiten Deutsch cty cr country DE aus Deutschland ads Werbung services Unternehmensangebote about ?Guinness threatened legal action, and the story was picked up by Tech Crunch and CNET.

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