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Although a new generation feels more relaxed about it, still this is a very embarrassing topic for many Russian girls.

In 2008 NSB purchased the first 50 FLIRT at Stadler, steadily expanding their fleet to 125 by 2020.Let her know that you are genuinely interested in her personality by asking her about her hobbies, family, job, pets, etc.She needs to feel that her personality is important to you.Avoid general phrases and try to compliment her on her specific feature, which can’t be spotted at once and requires your attention. Learn from the mistakes of other guys and instead of using words “girl”, “woman” use her name when addressing or complimenting her.All people like to hear their names and for Russians, their names are especially important.I am looking forward to starting soon, together with NSB Gjøvikbanen, and performing excellent service (for) passengers.”.

If you’re a novice at international online dating, you must be interested in certain rules that you should observe meeting Russian girls.

Also, you can learn several everyday Russian phrases, use them in your speech and ask a girl to correct you if you pronounce them incorrectly. As your dialog advances, you would like to know which topics are interesting to Russian women and what you should talk about to keep up your conversation.

Good news for you is that most Russian girls are well-educated and they are excellent interlocutors.

By keeping it simple you’ll avoid potential awkward moments and will be able to communicate effectively. Russian girls find it very cute and flattering when foreigners try to speak Russian.

So if you want to flirt with a Russian beauty, just greet her in Russian.

That’s why it’s recommended to use a girl’s name every now and then while chatting with her.