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Fort worth accommodating iol

“So basically it is identical distance-wise to a monofocal lens with the benefit of intermediate and reading,” he said. Dougherty said is the variable accommodation of the lens, “I find everyone gets the intermediate and most patients get near but it’s variable in terms of axial length, so I do occasionally have patients who need reading glasses particularly for low lighting and low-contrast print.

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The patient was a minister who needed to have excellent intermediate vision because he stands at a podium to speak and is on the computer often. Horn described, “I noticed when I was sitting talking to him that he was reading a list of questions but the questions were on his lap. And I saw that he was reading them with his Re STOR eye that I had just operated on because his other eye was still hyperopic so he couldn’t have been reading it with that eye.Book One should be very easy for the patient, the font size being the largest.Once that book is completed, the patient can advance to the next book.Slade said, “You might wind up with some quality of vision issues that you would not wind up with the monofocal.” He conceded, however, that the Re STOR Aspheric seems to be designed to address that quality of vision issue and results from his practice as well as others’ seems to be better than the regular multifocals, he said.The Crystalens gives the best quality vision at distance and it gives very good intermediate vision, he added. Horn agrees that the Crystalens gives good quality vision, he said, “The problem with the Crystalens is that it’s not as predictable in terms of the refractive outcome and you can aim for a certain refractive power and end up with something that’s different.We recommend the patient bring in each completed puzzle book and exchange it for the next.

Some offices prefer to give their patients several booklets at one time and let the patients work through them at their own pace.

The size of the letters and the number of puzzles are intended to establish a controlled, daily accommodative exercise program to gradually improve and enhance accommodative efficiency and amplitude.

Most of the puzzles have fun, light hearted topics selected to be entertaining to the patient.

If they stall at one book and have trouble finishing it, you may wish to give them another copy and keep them at that level for a few more weeks.

The therapy should start two weeks after surgery on their second eye is completed.

Though the original Crystalens 4.5 did have some predictability issues, Dr.