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It is NOT an app, and works seamlessly and transparently in the background.

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By talking to our users, learning about their needs, and developing features that would help them, we have created a solution that not only works for kids, but is very effective for some adults.Once you are ready, set up is easy and the self-monitored adult can safely have their device in-hand, within minutes, safe from porn and other specific and harmful internet destinations.The process for set up and enrollment is fairly straight forward.They can do this in the privacy of their home, simply requiring one trusted friend or “accountability partner.” to help them get past their addiction, or own-avowed personal and technological struggle.Police departments, judges, and even employers are looking at these tools to help make positive impacts on adults who are in need of self monitoring. 11 porn sites [are] now in the top 300 most popular sites globally.We have summarized the steps below so both the adult user needing accountability as well as the accountability partner who will maintain the restrictions know the process and steps.

Netsanity has a 100%, US-based customer service center with agents that will help with on-boarding and are available for questions using a dedicated feedback widget, email, or phone.

Before we show you how easy it is to use Netsanity’s powerful service for adult accountability, here is a list of features and restrictions which an accountability partner can employ on the targeted device of the adult.

Once installed, the partner can perform all restrictions and guidance remotely without needing physical access to the device.

What we did NOT know, and what we learned over those 3 years is that parents and kids are not the only users of our service.

In fact, an untold number of “ghost users,” and silent adults have been using our services for years in order to stem internet addictions, ranging from spousal cheating, pornography, and other more specific and personal reasons.

To that end, we succeeded, and continue to evolve and innovate.