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Going forward, within the chat, 1st person and 3rd person, present tense, are preferred . 3rd person, future tense is no longer permitted in role play at Mystical Realms. An example would be - She would enter the inn and sit down. We do no allow messenger slang or Leetspeak at Mystical Realms.Sexually explicit material in public rooms of chat is a violation of the Code of Conduct and will not be tolerated.

This does not apply to members new to the site but does affect new characters for existing members.Latest Member: Wolfs servant Latest Post: "Re: Introduction Post an..." ( Today at AM ) View the most recent posts on the forum.[More Stats] 194 Guests, 223 Users (36 Spiders, 37 Hidden) Users active in past 30 minutes: Annie Satin, fireflights, Starcry, Nymphadora, Tamaska, Miss Kaia, Ariel, Norwegian One, gimme danger, pleaseteaseme, Sain, Rhadiance, Krys, 7th Derp, maniac, Reiji Tabibito, summoner2183, Mellific, King Serperior, Irilinquent, Liam Dale, Faelover, Mira Mirror, Post Nuke Princess, Sweet Serenade, Orange Marmalade, Quezvax, Mason Bradford, Erotic Fantasy Author, Captain Maltese, Ket, abbychase, Twilight Jester, Moonflower45, silentwalrus227, Myrleena, Panthera, Mac84, Jag, lavendeer, Kaileikehi, Cognitive Brainfart, Pollydactle, Hairy Heretic, Anne Reinard, Ziether, vysethethird, Astra Cilla, Azure Rain, haren, venusxeroxes, Bekah Boo, assionpay, Avis habilis, Nevaeh, Maeve, The Villain, Sparhawk, Kanen, Yugishogun, Yoda, Tiaan, Drake Valentine, The Glyphstone, pdragon, Lawshenk, Atlas, Amy K, Wenterburn, Miaaaaaah, skyre, Fox Writer, Karma, Angie, TFcommando, Bes, x Divine Sensualityx, Relikai, Rayne, Low Key, VIXXIIIIX, The Black Throne, Andy Z, Far Fetched, William Blake, Astira, Marek, newblood, backlash84, iridum248, Premier, Dark Toxins, Vergil Tanner, Existno, Juggtacular, Grin Of The Cat, Claire T, Academic Curiosity9110, RPx Riley, Amber Starfire, Valerian, Theta Sigma, croketizame, Keith, Elven Kitten, Vermilion Princess, Drowdeviant, Caitlin, Velasterian, Dashenka, Darwishi, Reno, Andronica, James Sure Would, The Fluffy One, Tigara, Remiel, Apes Among Us, Lady Lunarius, theminiarkana, Regina Minx, rikka, Wind Whisperer, towerhouse, whtbitch4u2own, The Silent Bang, Mael, Inkidu, evilnerf, CShades, English Master, aengylize, Serephino, Arcanist, Asminen, Lisztes Ferenc, Swashbuckler, Hatchet, Nygenn, Devilishangel, November Bleeds, Evolution, wigglebiscuit, Zarrundra Tor Virr, Sprikut, Cuchulainn, kingmaster1, Silvermyst, Ollumhammersong, Beachlover, Annie, Reyne, Syanyte, Yellow Trash, Guancyto, Spiritfox09, Haibane, Sara Nilsson, Ozone0530, Rachubka, mannik, Khoraz, Sun Wukong, Jared Syn, Elf, Chaotic Sky, Nimmy, Laura Ehman, Kyrsa, Nico, Quinz128, Blue Eyed Bard, Syene, Dominique, Atroxa, Chajesdad, euanthe, Urbanzorro, Pockets, Master Eric6, Lustful Bride, Nowherewoman, Avalon29, Lyku, fantasygirl90, Young One, Yahoo!Anyone posting links to websites dealing with illegal activities will be removed from the site.[Top] General Internet etiquette applies whether you are IC or OOC.To see the additional columns, you need to register and start a thread in our introduction forums, to the left.

Please see the questionnaire for how to start your thread.

[Top] Realm Keepers, Game Masters, Guild Masters and Guild Helpers may ask members not participating to leave a game/chat room.

Members do not have that privilege in an IC room and are to not tell other members to leave a public chat room.

There is no way we could write up a whole document on what all that behavior is, but there are a few points that need to be touched on for they are particularly sensitive.

Giving away any sort of real life information about the person behind the character is particularly bad.

[Top] Mystical Realms has standards above other chats and we strive to keep a great community of experienced and/or enthusiastic role players.