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You will either: A) Have your thumb slip off the button from having to hold it in an awkward position. B) Drop your phone from having to hold it in an awkward position.

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LINE’s New Features Make Group Calls with 200 People: Try our group call feature with members in chats.C) Give up and use two hands which defeats the purpose of voice messaging to begin with. Fix your app and fire the genius who obviously didn't think this through. Obviously some people are trying to justify having a job by "fixing" things that didn't need to be fixed. On my i Phone 7 Plus I STILL don't receive notifications until I open the app? You can call out there and enter any 3 or 4 digit code to use right away, or you can have us set you up a more personalized room that will allow you to record your own room greeting, and use extra features to control your room.This line can also be used for earning your own free party line. Be sure to check out all of the different party line systems until you find the one that you like.For more information about LINE, check out our official website. Loved the app for years until the latest update.

You used to be able to send voice messages via holding down a large button in the bottom middle of the screen.

They are each run differently and will appeal to different callers in different ways.

We hope that you find what you are looking for, and remember to have a great time.

Get connected to new apps: LINE provides a gateway to entertainment and lifestyle apps that will keep you entertained and bring new convenience to your life.

We recommend that you use LINE with i OS versions 8.0 or higher with an i Phone 4S or above.

This is a poor app developer by poor developers that STILL can't solve the most basic of features.