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A penis exercise program (Erectionfitness) is included in all orders of 4 or more months’ supply.

You can take the pills together or at separate time – I took one in the morning and one at dinner and that worked perfectly for me.I got some problems with my blood circulation a few years ago.I found it hard to get and erection and keep it on for more than 2 min.The only side effects that I have noticed was a slight headache a few times.You can avoid that by drinking a full glass of water each time you take a pill.My daily routine: Take one pill with a glass of water together with breakfast.

Penis exercises: I do a warm up where I wrap a wet hot towel (NOT TOO HOT, a bit hotter than your body temperature) around my penis for 5 min.

I was not able to get a hard erection and I could not last that long and my penis was only 5.9 inches long (not really a problem, but a bit longer would not hurt).

The pills helped me with all the problems that I had and much more. Guess what – You have come to the right place I have just started on my fourth month on the pills.

When you take the pills 2 times a day and continue to do that x amount of months then that temporary gain turns into a permanent gain that you can benefit from the rest of your life.

You can (you should) also do penis exercises while you are on Vig RX Plus, that will increase the gains and make them permanent much faster.

Not that I need it but it would not hurt to get an extra inch or two down there. The most natural choice would be Viagra, but the price of Viagra is ridiculously high and was not a good long term solution.