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In most cases it is unlawful to possess such wildlife or parts of wildlife without first obtaining a permit.

They should leave gates as they find them, avoid damaging facilities or property, avoid disturbing livestock and establish friendly relations with landholders.For further information, please contact a Fish and Wildlife office.When conducting wildlife transactions over the internet, recognize that wildlife laws vary in many jurisdictions; wildlife (such as a naturally shed antler) that is legal to sell within Alberta may not be legal to sell to persons in the U. FOUND DEAD WILDLIFE When driving or walking, hunters often find dead wildlife that they would like to keep.It is the hunter’s responsibility to know, understand and abide by access conditions that apply when using and enjoying these areas.In addition to privately owned land, permission is always required before entering or crossing: Regardless of intent or mode of travel, all recreationists are expected and encouraged to respect, take pride, and play a stewardship role in maintaining the quality and character of Alberta’s natural resources.NOTE: Important changes to the took effect in 2004. Although there is a moral obligation to pursue wounded game and a legal requirement to ensure game is retrieved and not wasted or abandoned, these obligations do not override the legal requirement to get permission to enter private land.

Access to Public Lands Hunters are reminded that the privilege to access public lands is contingent upon courtesy and responsible conduct.

This is in addition to the assessment of a fine, an order and/or imprisonment.

Alberta Export Permit All big game (including bison hunted under a Bison Special Licence), game birds, and furbearing animals require a provincial export permit ($20.00 plus GST) when they are to be conveyed beyond the borders of Alberta, except under the following conditions: 1. For more details, contact the US FWS at 1-703-358-1949 or view information at: CITES Export Permit - for more information (1-800-668-6767) Persons exporting cougar, wood bison or wolf to points outside Canada must obtain a federal export permit issued in accordance with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES).

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Note: Convictions for certain offences will result in the suspension of all recreational hunting licences for a period of 1 to 3 years, and may result in a suspension for as long as 5 or more years.

Hunters, who lawfully harvest game birds, coyotes, white-tailed deer, mule deer, moose, elk, pronghorn antelope or black bear* under the authority of a hunting licence or a right that is protected under Canadian Constitution, may export those species without an Alberta export permit if * Alberta prohibits the export of gall bladder and paws of black bear. Coyote that have been lawfully hunted by residents do not require a provincial export permit. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (US FWS) regulates commercial shipments of wildlife that enter or leave the U. In particular, taxidermists and outfitter-guides may experience difficulties transporting wildlife to the U. unless such businesses are licenced with the US FWS for transporting commercial shipments of wildlife across the U. In addition, provincial export permits must be obtained for exporting these species, except for tanned wolf skin.