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Free online adult chatting games with avatars

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The spy can then read and change the data as they intercept it.Learn more: Cyber Crimes and Criminals When a program doesn't properly clear the memory after closing, making it unusable for other programs.

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Learn more: How Computers Work A type of malware that mimics anti-malware software.Sometimes cyber criminals fill these websites with common keywords or phrases people search for to trick them into visiting the site.Learn more: Computer and Device Defense Spying on communications between two parties without their knowledge.Rules for acting respectful and polite in cyberspace.These rules help keep the Internet safe and friendly.It is made up of your online alias, your avatar, things you post, and information you enter into online profiles.

A safe online identity doesn't reveal your personal information.

Each computer in a LAN can access and share data with any other device in the network.

This allows a group of people to share information and peripherals, such as printers, and to communicate with each other through the network by sending messages or chatting. Learn more: Internet Chat Slang M Fake websites that show up in a search engine's results that can actually take you to risky websites that infect your computer with malware.

Learn more: Managing Your Online Identity A type of domain that originally indicated a website was run by a non-profit or non-commercial organization.

See Peer-to-Peer Network A device or software program that spies on packets traveling between networked computers, collecting them so a cyber criminal can look at them later.

Wash Your Hands Who knows how many people have touched that computer before you or how dirty their hands were! You can also find tips for using the Web effectively for research, shopping and fun.