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As I have not smelt Versace or Fracas I can't comment on any similarities but I'm glad I purchased TD.

Both are full of tuberose although Fracas seems more clear and To D is more powdery.This is a delicious, heady, BOLD statement fragrance with piercing tuberose in its first stages, but thickly creamy, narcotic and (conversely) an intensely private affair on the dry down. I watched this review on you tube by 'Ami loves perfumes' on Madonna Truth or dare, Versace blonde and Fracas by Robert Piguet.I purchased TD because it was affordable and have heard it was/has being discontinued. It has taken me 3 attempts to actually say I like it. Its really strong tuberose in the beginning but it transforms into a beautiful soft floral on my skin.Madonna was reportedly deeply involved in the process of making her perfume.She has worked with Stephen Nilsen, Givaudan perfumer, to create the composition of white flowers on an intensive gourmand background.The fragrance comes in two formats - as 50 and 75 ml Eau de Parfum, along with body lotion and shower gel. It’s a heady white floral with sweet nuances, it has a buttery quality to it.

It reminds me of a sultry young bride for some reason lol this stuff lasts forever and projects like crazy!!!

One spray on me, Sillage: a yard Longevity: three hours then scent becomes a soft trail Rating: 4/5 for spunk and tuberose, 1/5 for being so strong that I cannot wear it whenever and wherever INTRIGUE & OPULENCE: A true gem... Glamorous & Nostalgic, with heady gardenia & velvety tuberose, Truth or Dare is the QUEEN on the Scene.

If you love sweet & rich, bold & spicy, come-hither type of scents, this belongs in your fragrance wardrobe!

Really, I love it, it's a creamy vanillaish tuberose with a little gardenia and I guess benzoin.

A lot of people smell bubblegum or grape at the beginning and once in a while I'll get a sniff reminiscent of those smells but they're fleeting. Coty said they would share my complaint with the marketing division.

The fragrance is for women from 25 to 45, with the group of 35-45 as the primary aim. I wanted to re-create this scent, but with something fresh and new about it as well.