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When I interviewed politicians in my Vote Chat series last year, I asked them about this issue, and their responses can be viewed on You Tube.In the blog post below, I summarise their responses and provide links through to the particular video clips where they give their views on gay marriage.

Learn more about the type of content that is Objectionable Some films and games are classified as objectionable (banned) in New Zealand.He says that there is a legitimate debate around how you go about achieving that, and raises the question of whether there should be both civil unions and marriage, or just one institution?He would prefer that the state should recognise just one institution.She would vote in favour of gay marriage, but thinks most people would be happy with the status quo.Advocates the state stays out of issues of marriage and relationships [a libertarian position argued for by the likes of Ron Paul].Robertson says that ‘The Labour Party policy is for full equality’ and ‘We are going to modernise relationship law’.

But within this modernisation policy, Robertson cautiously stresses that Labour sees many options short of full access for same-sex couples to marriage: ‘The easiest way to do that will be to open marriage up to everybody.

Some types of image, video, text or other publication are illegal ('objectionable') in New Zealand, for example any content that promotes or supports the sexual exploitation of children or young people.

It is an offence to make or distribute objectionable content.

I do not see why we would deny a loving couple who had a relationship that they wanted to make a long-lasting one in a marriage, why we would deny them.… ’, King explained that ‘There are still those within the caucus who will demand a conscience vote on such issues’.

David Shearer gave an unequivocal response in favour of allowing gay marriage, which contrasts with his more recent tweet saying ‘I fully support marriage equality in principle but would like to see the detail of any legislation before giving formal support’.

Internet-sourced publications, including films and games, are subject to New Zealand classification law when they are downloaded/accessed from a computer in New Zealand.