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But at it’s core, the tale of these two lovers is about the battle between novelty and nuance and the invisible mechanism that both pushes us away from and pulls us nearer to those we love the most in this world.opens with a post-show opening night champagne reception and appetizers from the Wild River Grille on March 10, 2017.

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Individual tickets are $20 for general $18 for students, seniors and military and all tickets are $25 at the door. Central to Brüka is the commitment to the reinvestigation of contemporary and classic plays and developing new plays within Brüka’s Artistic Collective, which include winners of the Nevada Arts Council and Sierra Arts Foundation artist grants and 9 local best actor honors.

The show weaves a collage of dramatic devices and literary slights of hand to lure the audience into a world imagined by Dorothy Parker, THE 1920's writer, wit and critic.

The show won "Best of" at The San Francisco Fringe Festival and enjoyed a successful extended run at the Exit Theatre and other theatres through out the west coast. Inspired by music from the 1966 French film “A Man and a Woman,” The Ballad of Frankee and Matilde may appear at first glance to be a simple love story, two lost and awkward souls finding each other and being carried away by new and sudden infatuation.

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