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Thankfully, a little while later she moved closer to where I loved so that stopped being an issue.bolding mine That typo made me laugh.

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Thankfully, a little while later she moved closer to where I loved so that stopped being an issue.You being intelligent, Im sure would be able to infer based on your past indulgences. Does the cover represent the story - or is it misleading? (There are, as alluded above, some aspects of conversation that are best left unuttered, but I was never a big fan of discussing anyone's sexual prowess or proclivities, so I can't see how that would change just because the conversation is with a friend about their sib.) I think lots of times guys have friends that they are close enough with to know are jerks and how they treat women, and wouldn't want them anywhere near their sisters.But lots of guys have friends that they know are really nice and would be really happy if they hooked up with their sister.Tl;dr: my girlfriend, who I care about a great deal, doesnt take good care of her hygiene - how do I help her without hurting her feelings?

Is this really a faux pas or is that just the realm of television? My wife has a brother only, and years ago he dated one of her female friends.

It seemed to work OK for them: all three couples had happy 50 year marriages and were parted only by death.

I think it can be bad form if it's a male friend's younger sister - brothers are often raised to protect their younger sisters.

My husband's friend started dating husband's step-sister back in high school, and 20 years later, it's not looking so good, and my husband is caught in the middle.

Maybe not always a great idea, although I suppose it works sometimes.

Only too strange that "we English" here in ZH call it the same and are certainly not single mothers living in council estates but rather good looking, highly intelligent, independent women (and men - I won't leave my male friends behind, will I? You strike me of beeing quit desperat though after reading all your comments Mr. All you have to do is say the things they expect to hear, which is not difficult at all, infact I have a script ready made for the purpose.