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Funny rules for dating my daughter

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The two commandments, to guard and to remember, were said by God in one breath, for one without the other would be empty.

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Fires cannot be started or extinguished on Shabbat, and driving (which sparks and burns fuel) falls under this category. There is no greater feeling than just plain walking.There is a prohibition against using electrical appliances on Shabbat – such as telephones, radios, and television.It also happens to be an area that, when observed, provides one of the most pleasurable aspects of Shabbat.Our tradition tells us that through understanding the Mishkan, we will understand Shabbat.This was to be the central dwelling place of God's presence. Any activity used in forming this house of the Creator would be considered acts of creation.Bills (which of course can't be paid) are also muktzah.

How to approach it: Put away wallets, purses, and loose change before Shabbat begins.

Plan to visit friends and neighbors nearby, or arrange to meet with them halfway, or at the park on Shabbat afternoon.

On Shabbat, we avoid weekday activities such as shopping, and thus money is Muktzah, among the objects that have no purpose on Shabbat and thus are not to be moved.

We are not allowed to apply heat to things in order to change them in any way.

Loaves of bread were formed and baked for the Mishkan; thus we refrain from any sort of cooking on Shabbat.

The island of peace that you wish to reach can be achieved only through the beautiful silence of no ringing phones.