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Gorgeous men intimidating

For the guy who lands a beauty and is happy with his relationship or marriage, other guys will hate on him as hardcore as women will hate on her. He’s just some fat nerd cat, he has to be loaded”, or “how is she that fine and dude looks like some average frat boy?

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If you want to test your girl on this, just ask her what she thinks of relative blog commentary and read their thoughts on Giada.The problem with this myth however is that a typical guy will be intimidated to make first contact and if the beauty pushes up she will be instantly placed into the slut category.For a seasoned wolf, the beauty will be tried because the wolf knows more often than none a beauty will be single.It is our view that only a manly, man amongst men, alpha dog, stud deserves to have a beautiful woman.Anything else gets hated on, which is quite funny since more times than none the guy hating would never, ever in 100 years step to that woman to ask her out.Absolutely nothing, this is why it is a curse ladies.

I will say this though, not all guys are intimidated and the ones who aren’t are probably the ones you will find attractive anyway.

Going into the dating pool, the beauty has to battle against insecure men, unspoken stigmas (will explain in the next paragraph) and female haters (who aren’t as hot).

A beautiful woman is so deadly that her photograph will bring instant venom from any casually cute woman who sees it.

This is common knowledge to the world so I will not spend much time on it. It is one of the reasons they hate each other so much, ESPECIALLY if a woman has it going on.

The attitude becomes that of “oh she thinks she’s all that” or “those are fake anyway”.

The confident women will prop her cooking and scoff at her low cut dresses but the other 98% will say her head is big, her mouth is too big or refer negatively to her breasts.