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Grandstream phone not updating time

The time has come to upgrade :-) Having gone through the threads the Hikvision DVR’s (vie the E&M website) and associated camera’s seem quite good. Reading the Hik Vision website it states that the 7608NI model only supports up to 4 cameras via Eo P but the *16 model supports up to 8.

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Remote access on the network is lightning fast, the resolution is excellent and the playback facility is really good.I am fairly sure that the Power over Ethernet standard is 48 volts, 0.36 amps, so the voltage shouldnt change for any Po E devices that use the 802.3af standard.there is Po E ( which carries twice the power, but shouldnt be relevant for any of us. When working with Po E, watts is what is used to measure the devices power budget/draw.Class 1 – 0.44 to 3.84 Watts Class 2 – 3.84 to 6.46 Watts – What most fixed Po E IP CCTV cameras operate in.Class 3 – 6.49 to 12.85 Watts 802.3at Po E Plus is used for PTZ cameras due to the extra power draw for PTZ, heater and blower.This signaling allows the presence of a conformant device to be detected by the power source, and allows the device and source to negotiate the amount of power required or available" notice in that when they say they reduce power, they don't say wether they reduce amperage or Voltage.

we have specifically specced switch's for all our cabinets that can supply Po E in the case of us needing higher powered Infrared or wanting to power decent PTZ's, agreed not a home use, but I'm a whirlpool user, and plenty of the people in this thread (some have contacted me) are doing business jobs roducts/nvr54165432-16p-319.html, the cost of the NVR (no storage included) is 580USD, but postage is 195USD which brings the cost to 775USD (885AUD) that is dedicated PC territory. Embedded is plug 'n plaay Suggest have a look at Hikvision.

I have set up the system to record at 1920x1080 @15fps, 24/7.

I have alarms to detect motion that allow reviewing of vision a breeze via the NVR. away from the network on 3G) was working perfectly via the Hikvision i Phone app for two days, but has now decided to only allow me to playback vision via the app, whenever I try and live view the cams the connection returns an error.

Those DS-2CD2332-I look great, also thinking some more discrete ones for interior ceilings.

Any other recommendations for minidome cameras like: DS-2CD2232-I5 is at 171usd/unit Free shipping DS-2CD2132-I is at 123usd/unit Free shipping DS-7616NI-SE/P is at 386USD/unit (DHL Freight 38.95USD) Total $1458 USD Hey guys Any one using their camera but only using a micro SD card ie 32gigs or 64gigs for recording and set it to motion capture only.

we found however that we could not push a DL380 G5 (cheap as now) past more than around 24 camera's, this server DOES chew a bit of power, but did have a pair of old quad cores... (i was out at the letter box when i saw it running cross the drive way, our house backs onto farm land, so this time each year we get them :( ) For those people considering their options here is a short review of what I have learnt over the last couple of weeks.