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Gretchen real housewives dating

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It's perfectly understandable that she would be apprehensive. It was her birthday, and she was reminiscing about how great things were a year ago.

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Tamra agreed, but stressed in a confessional that she did not know whether she was making the right decision.Apparently, Vicki was under the impression everyone would say nice things about her.As laughable as that is, props to Briana for thinking about her mother's feelings.Meghan revealed that it was a painful thing to go through.Lydia questioned whether it would be a good idea to freeze some of her husband's sample in case she wanted more kids down the line.The awesome thing about Lydia is that she just says it how it is, and that shows how loyal she is.

She knows she needs to be honest about things or she will end up in the center of the drama.

"I'm trying to just hold up a mirror to Meghan and say, 'You know, I see Kelly's side too.'" Naturally, Meghan flipped the eff out and revealed that Kelly was the one who was trying to cause all of the beef between them. "That you would even think that's normal for a person to attack your marriage." "No, I feel like you attacked hers," Lydia replied.

Realizing she had upset Meghan, Lydia apologized but claimed that she still understood why Kelly lashed out and that it was not her fault.

"Lydia is one of the sweetest people I know," he posted on Twitter. But this 'mean girl' accusation is ridiculous."Tamra and Vicki also had a confrontation during the "Boobs-Voyage" party held by Kelly Dodd to commemorate her upcoming breast reduction surgery.

Kelly had organized a volleyball game for the girls, but Tamra did not like to play with her nemesis."The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs every Monday night at 9 p.m.

So, Lydia's take on it was that Meghan was the one in the wrong.