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Gridview updatepanel not updating

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You will use data annotations in the application model classes for user input validation, and finally, you will learn how to turn on or off request validation to individual controls in a page.Forms with complex data including validators tend to generate too much Java Script code in the page, which can represent about 60% of the code.

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In the previous task, you have used model binding mainly for selecting data, in this task you will learn how to use model binding in update operations.In this section, you will learn how to use data annotations for validating a new/edit customer form.In previous version of Web Forms, handling database errors such as a too long string or a unique key violation could involve throwing exceptions in your repository code and then handling the exceptions on your code-behind to display an error.Client-side validation in Web Forms is now integrated with j Query, providing cleaner client-side code and unobtrusive Java Script features.In the request validation area, improvements have been made to make it easier to selectively turn off request validation for specific parts of your applications or read invalidated request data.This hands-on lab includes the following exercises: Note Each exercise is accompanied by an End folder containing the resulting solution you should obtain after completing the exercises. NET Web Forms introduces a number of enhancements focused on improving the experience when working with data.

You can use this solution as a guide if you need additional help working through the exercises. Throughout this exercise, you will learn about strongly typed data-controls and model binding.

However if your scenario required custom code for handling the data, you needed to use the Object Data Source and this brought some drawbacks.

For example, you needed to avoid complex types and you needed to handle exceptions when executing validation logic. NET Web Forms the data-bound controls support model binding.

Some improvements have been made to Web Forms server controls to take advantage of new features of HTML5: In the official ASP.

NET portal you can find more examples of the new features in ASP. NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012 All sample code and snippets are included in the Web Camps Training Kit, available at Installing Code Snippets For convenience, much of the code you will be managing along this lab is available as Visual Studio code snippets.

You will update the categories Grid View to let the user update categories.