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Harvest moon 64 dating guide

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Taking care of animals is another essential part of maintaining the farm.

The local town, where most of the villagers spend their day, contains a church, a bar, a bakery, a town square, a flower shop, a library, a tool shop, among other things.Several crops will yield multiple vegetables throughout the season if continually watered.The crops available to plant include turnips, potatoes, corn, and strawberries.Many game features, such as character locations and whether shops are open or closed, depend on what time and day it is.Each season lasts 30 days and has different weather patterns, crops to grow, and wild herbs available.However, in celebration of the series' twentieth anniversary, the game abruptly saw release on the Wii U Virtual Console on February 23, 2017.

This also marked the game's debut in the PAL regions (the original had been cancelled due to time constraints), as well as the game's first official re-release (as well as the first time digital) in nearly two decades.

Each of these girls has a non-player character suitor that will eventually marry her if the player chooses to marry another girl or takes too long to woo her.

The player can also visit the carpenter and his apprentices in the mountains to request additional construction for the house and farm.

If a livestock is either unfed or left outside for many consecutive days, it will become sick and eventually die unless the player gives it medicine.

One of the other major features of Harvest Moon 64 is the ability to marry and have a child. These girls have hearts that appear in their speech bubbles representative of her affection toward the player ranging from white (indifferent) to pink (in love).

A greenhouse can be built so that any plant can grow anytime during the year.