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Bulletin Boards (BBS) came about but I never went through that maze.

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You may have been asked to confirm or provide current address and contact details.Then there would be the inevitable request for “hot chat.” Bear in mind that I’m a writer, and I could hot chat anyone up to probably a good time, but really, it’s rare that hot chat would work for me.Besides, I didn’t know if this was a 14-year-old guy or some creepy decrepit pervert. Then the internet blossomed with chat rooms and minimal graphics and about 90% of all chat sites were sexually oriented, one way or another.The moment people could send their desires and quests across the great digital ether, they have looked for all types of information and much of it has been sexual.During those first days of the internet, when a friend in New York said I should get a modem and I had to ask what that was, there weren’t many people or groups online.The local internet service provider (ISP) in Vancouver was also the only one: mindlink.

When I went online I would see a list of all the users, no more than 20 in Vancouver. Anyone on the ISP could instant chat with anyone else.

In fact, I went online to do research for writing and I would shout into that big black hole, hoping for an answer from who knows where.

Chat groups began to appear but it was like a quest with a blindfold on to find them.

There were a few chat rooms but this was outside of the rooms.

Right away (being one of very few women) I would get people asking how old I was, was I single, etc.

If we just got out there and socialized more, didn’t expect instant gratification, and slowed things down we might find that a relationship is worth doing and more rewarding than a thousand Facebook friends.