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But the MPs, who began their investigation in 2013 in the wake of Edward Snowden’s disclosures about mass surveillance by the United States and the UK, insisted that the “bulk interception” activities of the agencies did not amount to mass intrusion on the privacy of British citizens.

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Having originally rejected religion in his youth, he hopes to gain spiritual guidance while in the monastery, and discover an answer to the ultimate question 'What is the meaning of life? The monks have no idea who their guests will be, but for the five volunteers - who will be expected to live by the monks' rules of silence, obedience and humility - the experience could prove to be a challenging journey of self discovery.The resource, which is not subject to any legislation, is used to identify suspects and establish links between individuals.But the MPs’ report contains multiple redactions detailing the types of information held by intelligence officials and even the number of datasets used by each agency.Although from very different backgrounds, all five participants share a desire to see if life holds any greater meaning.They will be expected to abide by the monastery's rules, with a strict timetable of instruction, study, prayer, reflection and routine work duties.The powerful Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC), which scrutinises Britain’s spying services, found that laws governing the intelligence agencies in the era of modern communications are blighted by a “lack of transparency” and require a complete overhaul into a new single Bill.

The parliamentary committee’s 149-page report revealed that personnel at MI5, MI6 and the signals agency GCHQ had been disciplined and in some cases sacked for “inappropriately accessing personal information”.

A high-earning, high-energy bachelor, 32-year-old Anthoney Wright, from London, works for a legal publishing company.

Brought up by his grandmother, he is looking to deal with issues surrounding his upbringing and, for him, the monastery offers a unique opportunity to search for inner peace.

"For the participants, we hoped that they would discover hidden depths in their lives and in those hidden depths encounter God.

Giving viewers a glimpse into the unseen world of the monks' community, the series will explore how the monastic discipline remains relevant to contemporary life with a few surprises, revelations and confrontations along the way.

Notes to Editors The Monastery is filmed at Worth Abbey, near Crawley, West Sussex.