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Hummingbird and dating

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Joey is friends with Sister Cristina, a Polish nun who runs the local soup kitchen, and she helps him with antibiotics for the wounds he received in the fight with the thugs and information on Isabel's whereabouts.To deflect suspicion of Damon's neighbors, he tells them that he is Damon's boyfriend.

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They are examples of how natural selection can act through ecological differences to spawn new species. The force of ecology has also been studied in the leaf-litter skink, a small lizard found in Australia.Being too young for prison, she was instead sent to a convent.Cristina is ashamed of her relationship with Joey, and asks her mother superior to be transferred to another mission in Sierra Leone.It's a new venture aimed at answering an old question, one that underlies all of evolutionary science: What drives the formation of new species?The prevailing theory goes back almost 60 years, to when biologist Ernst Mayr of Harvard University proposed the "reproductive isolation" theory.Joey becomes upset, but Cristina is able to calm him, and encourages him to start an honest life.

He finds the street thugs who chased him away from Isabel and viciously beats them, interrogating them about Isabel's murder, acquiring a rough description of her killer.

Joey meets Cristina at an art gallery showing off Damon's work, to give her this information to pass on to the police.

She gets a bit tipsy, opens up to Joey, and they kiss.

Joey invites Cristina to dinner at a barbecue in the street behind the Chinese restaurant.

Cristina attends, but shows him a police photo of Isabel, who had been beaten to death and thrown in the river.

She tells him about a ballet ticket she has for the same date as when Damon is due to return.