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A series of lithographed black & white maps with black or colored kreis (administrative circle) boundaries from "Atlas von Europa nebst den Kolonien, für Geschäftsmänner, Zeitungsleser und Besitzer des Conversations-Lexicons" ("Atlas of Europe, together with the colonies, for businessmen, newspaper readers and owners of phrasebooks"), published by Göschen of Leipzig about 1828.The lithographs were created by Wilhelm Ernst August von Schlieben (1781~1839), a military surveyor and economic statistician from Saxony who produced influential studies of many European crownlands.

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Becken Catalogue, 1902 Daniel Low Catalogue, 1906 Baird North Company 1913 Daniel Low & Co. Bonn Jewelry, 1927 May & Malone, 1930 ST&W Company, 1930 Low's 1931 Denver Jeweler's Buying Guide 1932 Benjamin Allen & Co.A partly-colored map of the Kingdom of Galicia created by Franz Raffelsperger in 1846, just before the Spring of Nations in Europe forced changes in the Austrian Empire's administration of Galicia and other provinces. Bermann and Son in Vienna, besides four levels of administrative boundaries and head towns, the map shows principal fortresses, roads, navigable rivers, and the early and developing rail network.A spectacularly informative full-color and highly detailed statistical map of Galicia and Bukovina, on 10 sheets, in Polish and German languages, from 1878.Historic map of Galicia, with the Free City of Kraków, showing towns, roads, and color-highlighted boundaries of the Galician kreise.Published by Pietro Marco Giulio Berra from an unknown source and engraver, in Prague.Created by Jarosław Michałowski under the direction of Maksymilian Bodyński of the Lwów Chamber of Commerce and Industry, this map is a valuable snapshot of administrative, communication, agricultural, and a huge variety of industrial activities annotated directly on the map.

With separate summaries of the largest cities, as well as a roll-up of figures for the entire province of Galicia and another for Bukovina, this map provides a wealth of demographic and economic data for historical research.

Designed by Joseph Marx von Liechtenstern and drafted by Franz Haeufler, the map shows four kinds of political boundaries, depicts villages to cities in four size rankings, traces large and small rivers, and connects towns via roads and postal routes.

Three-color map published by the Bureau of Arts and Industries in Vienna.

Berra was primarily a music publisher, active in Prague between 18; this map is estimated around 1840, when other maps in this style were produced.

Stitched images of a map purchased and scanned for Gesher Galicia by Pamela Weisberger, sourced from an antiquarian bookstore in the Josefov distric of Prague.

A partly-colored administrative map of the Kingdom of Galicia with Bukovina, created by Carl Ferdinand Weiland and published by the Geographical Institute in Weimar in 1832.