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Hunter parrish mary kate olsen dating

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I think that both of the Olsen twins stood on boxes...then a dress designer measured the distance from their waists to the bottom of the boxes, to measure the length of material needed for the dresses.

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I think it's pretty unfair when other people go on and on about how small someone is although I figure it mustn't be a bad thing because they probably wouldn't say it to your face if it was (ever hear someone go on and on about how fat someone is to their face?I read Anon and Ashlyn's posts below who have actually seen her, it makes complete sense. I think it is obvious that Rachel Bilson is 5 feet tall because she looks it and she says in a rap written about her that she is, "five feet nothing". Take a look and Ashley and MK, thats my point proven :) said on 8/Apr/11i think height of a woman doesnt matter if she has nice body (nice legs...)im 160cm and i hate when my friends say im short but then i think about ashley and marykate and other celebreties and myself confidence is back : D said on 6/Apr/11Your driver's license says whatever YOU want it to say. Sorry to say this, but women this small gross me out.Okay so then look at a pic of five foot rachel with Karl Lagerfield and you will see where she hits his face and then compare that to a picture of MKA with Karl and you will see that there is at least a two inch difference between where they hit him and where rachel hits him. said on 26/Feb/11I was at NYU when they were there.So people that think that being short is not exactly "good" then I hope that I have proved you wrong. I know you're thinking not very tall but to my friends, I am!)being tall is great because people look up to you and they will have a different message when they see you!It all about opinion, because there is someone out there for everyone. said on 9/Aug/07I'm 4'11 and it's such a relief knowing that even stars aren't that tall either, but are still beautiful like eva longoria, tila tequila, lil' kim, mary kate, nicole richie, hilary duff, etc..anyone is beautiful as long as they're confident and it doesn't matter what height they are.they say good things comes in small packages =] said on 16/Jul/07yeah i totally agree with Amy. But in the mean time i'm enjoying being the little cute one of my friends. said on 1/Jun/07I live in Santa Monica CA and have met many stars. I love being this small and so does my 6'2" boyfriend.

Occasionally they can patronize me and pat me on the head and stuff but i dont let that bother me -its their problem not mine! Tall people look graceful and statuesque and short people look cute. I have run into MK more than Ash and no way is she is 5'00. I would say she is 4'9 or 4'10, she is a tiny girl. Some people think I'm around 5'4" and others have thought I was 4'11" so it just depends on a person's perception of you.

HOWEVER, as a matter of personal taste&when out on their own accord, you may ALSO notice Ashley is much more inspired by all things Bohemian, consignment recycling &/or the entire Greenwich Village look, scene& "affected" garb (prior to the hipster debacle)&therefore Ashley's also much more inclined to go with flats or the smallest possible heel while Mary Kate stays locked into her more traditional components within Haute Couture design&so, for this example I just mean heels, more heels, stiletto heels, suicide heels/pumps, 7 inch, etc..

So, when you consider all of these unusual factors together (identical twins who since birth have made a $1B dynasty based on being exact copies, but who are 1/2inch apart in height, yet both still likely between 4'11''&5' which is much shorter than the average female, yet they're ruling TWO industries that're anchored by height&beauty) I believe that's where the confusion develops&why there's always so much uncertainty.

" I think (want this person to be) blabla feet tall" that's just ridiculous. Mary kate is 5'2, as you can see here Click Here said on 5/Jan/11Unless any of you people have seen them in person with measuring tape, stop naysaying.

How someone looks in a photo or on TV has nothing to do with actual height.

As the main write-up was on her twin Mary-Kate's page, I shall make it up to Ashley by giving her some pretty pictures, oh - and a guess of 4ft11.5, just a quarter of an inch taller than her sister!