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Hunter tylo dating

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The unpublicized wedding took place in Las Vegas in front of family and friends. Tylo had reportedly been involved with her off-and-on boyfriend Corey Cofield until just a few months ago.

Our thoughts are with you Hunter, and your family, and we are pleased to hear you will be staying with B&B.In March, gossipers claimed that Tylo was exiting The Bold and the Beautiful because she was difficult to work with. Archived News: Review more past B&B news headlines.The rumors were unfounded, but they continued to dog the actress for several months. News and More: Return to's B&B Front Page.Hunter explained to Larry that around age 15, Mike started to have episodes where he would walk around and begin blinking and staring into space.This turned to seizures where he would tremble and fall to the ground. She mentions that he had been seeing a therapist, the same one that was treating her daughter Katya, who had told him it was stress disorder, and that talking with her on a weekly basis would get rid of the seizures - it didn't.In October, Tylo filed a wrongful death suit in the 2007 drowning death of her son, Mickey. She was married to fellow soap star Michael Tylo for 18 years.

Gersson Archila is currently married to Hunter Tylo.

Hunter Tylo (born Deborah Jo Hunter, July 3, 1962) is an American actress, author and former model. Taylor Hayes (1990–2002, 2004–14) on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Hunter Tylo was married in a private ceremony in Las Vegas last month. " The 47-year-old Tylo married Gersson Archila, 38, at Cupid's Wedding Chapel on November 28.

Particularly since Mike had fallen into the pool before Chris had even left for work.

She says he can't even go near the pool, in fact, no one can even live there right now.

She added that this tragedy has been devastating for Michael Tylo Sr. Hunter credits her faith with making it possible to handle this terrible loss.